IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-02-04

frinnstteK_: you forgot the dependency though00:35
Romsterpedja, just made setuptools and all dependencies bootstrap if any are missing as setuptools will fail to work if any dependencies are missing.;a=commitdiff;h=c71d762993c2d62d90376fd64b543a57414decb300:43
Romsterwell i got the last port in opt of mine updated finally. now i need to work on contrib.00:43
Romsterwhich also involves python3 in opt with them same ports for python3 support.00:44
Romstermigrating from one to another is so much fun.00:44
pedjadouble the work, double the fun00:48
frinnstquick shakedown of rc4 and then final release, yes?01:02
jaegerI think so01:06
Romsterhave all the issues/features been done?01:07
pedjayou might want to update tcpdump first :)01:09
pedja(bunch of CVE fixes in 4.9.0)01:09
jaegerIt isn't on the ISO01:10
pedjaah, you are right, of course.ignore and carry on, then01:13
jaegerNot that that's a reason not to update it, just that it won't affect the release :)01:15
pedjaI am sorry, debugging Win10 laptop issues took most of the sanity I've left :)01:17
pedjaIt's hard to say which is more broken, Skype or Facebook 'app' on Win10.01:20
pedjabut they are 'essential', so...01:21
jaegeruploading -rc4 to now01:22
jaegerETA 8 mins01:22
Romsteroh jaeger how did you go with the offical docker stuff?01:27
Romsteri never followed up on that01:27
jaegerI created a github repo, I haven't yet set up CI for it or investigated taking over the official01:28
Romsteri want to be able to start using git hooks and automate a build env in docker to test every commit01:29
jaegerrc4 is uploaded01:30
jaegerI did a few quick tests - install, upgrade, EFI boot01:46
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frinnsttesting sed 4.417:18

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