IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-02-05

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RomsterteK_, your contrib/volatility has world writable files in the footprint, i went to take a look and i ended up rewriting it with the new url and version, is it ok if i commit this?
Romstereveryone be sure todo a get fetch and rebase on crux 3.3 for opt contrib and check your 3rd party ports to depend on python-setuptools;a=blob;f=README;h=c2fd4b1a10e221300071ca1871f51b5d871fe47e;hb=e4f5acafd089806146ea65a2662e9b2a98556ed207:40
Romsterports in opt and contrib have been adjusted to use python-setuptools07:41
Romsterjue, if you ever want to pick up opt/python3 at any point feel free to.07:42
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frinnstRomster: im on my way out, can you just verify mesa3d is in a ok state with regards to footprints etc?13:00
frinnstsorry about the mess btw :-)13:00
Romsterit's still not right :/13:09
Romsterdamn you merged in 39 commits to 3.213:15
Romsterok that should have it fixed.13:26
Romsteri ended up copying out of one of my docker containers to commit the changes back.13:26
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frinnsti was on my way out - late for a family thing15:11
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jueRomster: as long as you maintain the port I don't see a reason to do that16:13
jueRomster: but thanks anyway for the offer ;)16:13
juejaeger: thanks for rc4, will try to test it tomorrow16:16
jaegersounds good16:16
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frinnstglibc-2.25.tar.xz2017-02-05 11:17 13M20:02
frinnstodd, firefox seems to have major problems resolving hostnames with 2.2520:38
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frinnstteK_: Subject: [oss-security] Irssi 1.0.0 minor remote memory leak22:27
frinnst1.0.1 out22:27

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