IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-02-07

frinnstI'll do some docs tomorrow00:01
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jueok, just pushed the 3.3 ChangeLog and updated a bit12:55
frinnstbtw I noticed yesterday that glibc and glibc-32 are not in sync with regards to kernel headers13:09
frinnstdoesnt need to go on the iso but we should fix core13:10
jueindeed, good catch13:15
jue... and pushed13:25
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frinnsthm, the handbook is more or less up to date for 3.315:14
frinnstI'll add/steal some notes on signify15:14
frinnstactually we dont mention md5sums at all in the handbook. its probably to just include it in the announce message and release notes15:15
pedjaI am getting this weird error with glibc-32 update
pedjasomething is broken, but I can't figure out what15:21
frinnstloadable library and perl binaries are mismatched15:25
frinnstsame failure with core/glibc ?15:25
pedjahaven't tried it with glibc.hmm.15:36
pedjaok, glibc is building, we'll see how it goes.15:37
frinnstglibc-32 built fine on the two machines i have access to right now15:38
pedjasame error with glibc.wth15:44
frinnst3 successes15:45
pedjagoogling suggests perl module I'll wipe it and reinstall.15:48
pedja"Building '/usr/pkgmk/package/glibc-32#2.24-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded."16:01
pedja(texinfo was the problem)16:03
pedjawho knew it depended on perl16:03
pedjateK_, would you update the libroffice .footprint, please?16:05
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frinnsti *think* the handbook and release notes are up to date18:27
frinnstI made some minor changes18:27
jaegerNot sure I like having the glibc desync on the ISO, personally18:45
jaegerI guess it isn't a huge problem but seems messy18:45
jueyeah, not nice18:56
jaegerI would be happy to bootstrap another ISO for that, it's only time. I don't think another round of rc testing would be needed just for that18:59
jueyeah, sounds good or even I'd say it's save to add the new version of glibc-32 to the iso-packages without another bootstrap and rebuild the iso19:00
juebut you are right, the bootstrap is only time19:02
juewould be nice if we can do the final release the next days19:04
jueI'll be out Thursday and Friday, but tomorrow evening and Saturday are ok for me19:06
jaegerI think we're on track to release this week, want to plan for saturday just to be sure?19:06
jueok, great :)19:06
pedjaso, -rc4 is pretty much -release?19:13
jaegervery close to it, yeah19:19
jaegerThe only package difference should be glibc-32 (just the headers update) and the documentation will be updated19:20
frinnstrc1 was pretty much -release too :-)19:20
jaegertrue, the RCs haven't been too crazy this time19:20
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