IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-02-09

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RomsterteK_, i bumped contrib/volatility/3.3 because the footprint had world writable permissions and i did post the diff here a while ago. but no response so i've applied it. source is now on github as well.11:09
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frinnsthow's the bootstrap coming along?20:12
jaegergnu-efi failed again and I hadn't had a chance to check it until now, sorry. Starting another20:45
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pedjawhy opt/radeon-ucode has only .signature in it?21:50
frinnstbecause i've deleted the 3.2 port after we branched off 3.321:54
frinnstthe 3.3 port had one extra file in it :)21:54
frinnstfixed, thanks21:55
frinnstData, RAID10: total=2.01TiB, used=1.01TiB21:59
frinnstData, RAID1: total=2.48TiB, used=2.10TiB21:59
frinnstconverting btrfs to raid10 is fuuuun21:59
frinnst1029 out of about 3573 chunks balanced (1030 considered),  71% left21:59
frinnstloove the device management in btrfs22:10
frinnstso simple22:10
jaegeryeah, that's really nice22:13
Worksterthink this is slow tis is like a weeks of transfer for 27% of data
Worksterif only people made backups -_-23:12
Workstercan someone add crux 3.3 git trees to the cruxbot?23:13
frinnstwhen it's released23:30
frinnstor people will keep asking if its released :-)23:30

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