IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-02-10

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just_funI get an warning message on boot and reset about "file-locking based failed", because of vgchange call from rc scripts16:28
just_funshould we use --sysinit instead of --ignorelockingfailure when calling vgchange?16:29
just_funman says that --sysinit is equivalent to --ignorelockingfailure, --ignoremonitoring, --polln and  and setting LVM_SUPPRESS_LOCKING_FAILURE_MESSAGES environment variable.16:31
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pedjaheh, ddrescue tar.lz tarball breaks pkgmk21:52
pedjabreaks the build, I mean, pkgmk ignores it just fine :)21:53
nomiusAny idea to copy quickly copy a big large file in ssd with several CPUs? I'm copying a 265GB file from one SSD to another SSD and looks like i/o wait is really high... Starts with 160MB/s and drops to 5 or 10... Average is 20MB/s... dd is linear, cp as well...21:56
nomiusdd is reading block size into memory and then writting, when it should be dual buffer with two threads (one thread for reading and another for writting) and intercalating buffers...21:58
nomiusrsync is linear too :-(22:12
pedjawell, CERN has this for file transfers over the network.hack on it :)22:30
pedja265Gb file?wth is that?22:33
Romsterpedja, ddrescue breaks pkgmk in what way? it extracts here just fine and builds on crux 3.223:03

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