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Romsteryeah it's working for me..06:27
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jaegerjue: heyo - the new bootstrap finished fine. I need to run one more errand now but I should be back in maybe 30 minutes and will test the ISO to make sure nothing broke16:46
juejaeger: great, I'll be here16:47
jaegerI'm back, running a couple quick tests17:19
frinnstsweet, me too17:22
jaegerare the release notes and handbook ready?17:28
frinnstI didnt find any errors and i've left the url to the signify page in the release notes17:29
pedjawrt ddrescue, Romster, you cheat in the Pkgfile :) 'bsdtar -xf $name-$version.tar.lz'17:32
pedjaof course it works then, but pkgmk won't do that automagically.17:33
jaegerOK, my quick tests are good. BIOS install, EFI install, and upgrade17:35
jaegerI'm ready to upload it for you guys to test if you like17:36
jaegeruploading to, ETA 7 minutes17:39
crash_check for beer... beer is found and open :)17:41
jaegerupload is done17:47
jaegerIf you guys don't find any problems I can create a torrent file once the ChangeLog is updated17:55
juerunning an update right now, guess it's save to update the ChangeLog in advance ;)18:01
jaegerok, want me to do that?18:02
jaegerAll that's needed is the release date update, right?18:03
jueyeah, would be helpful, maybe there's something you want to add for Installation/Bootkernel18:03
jaegerI'll add a note about UEFI being smoother, at least18:04
jaegeroh, I need to push my other changes into the iso tree, too, before we tag18:06
jaegerShould I mention linux-firmware under the installation/bootkernel section?18:07
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jaegerok, ISO changes are pushed18:15
jueand my update finished without problems18:16
jaegergreat :)18:17
jueI'll prepare the Download and the News page18:20
jaegerI've got a torrent file made, too18:21
jueis still our master?18:26
jaegerYes; I'll upload the ISO and source ISO there as well as soon as we're ready18:30
jaegerActually, I'll go ahead and start that upload. If something goes wrong I can remove it18:32
jaegersorry, been on the phone for a while19:29
jaegerI'm also uploading the source ISO19:30
juejaeger: I don't see 3.3 on
jaegerI haven't moved it to the right folder yet, sorry19:38
jaegerok, it's in the right spot now, was just waiting for the sources upload to finish19:43
juefine, so the 3.3 torrent is the last missing piece19:49
jaegerI need to add it to the tracker19:49
jaegerok, it's on the tracker19:53
jaegeryou want to write the announcement this time? :)20:21
juewell, I can do it :)20:29
frinnstooh goodie, most of the work is done :-)20:32
frinnstanything I should do?20:32
jaegerUpdate the topic in #crux? :)20:34
frinnstWILL DO!!20:35
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frinnsthooray im useful :D20:36
crash_is the handbook still worked on? i just read and saw that the kernel version is still 4.4.x there it should point to 4.9.x?20:37
frinnstthe ONE thing i was in charge of20:37
frinnsttypical.. oh well20:39
crash_we are all humans :)20:39
jaegerA small thing. I can rebuild the ISO if you guys like, but I'm not feeling super strongly about it20:39
frinnstnah fuck it20:40
frinnstif whoever reads the handbook and gets stuck on that its probably just as well :>20:40
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juewell, we finally did it, thanks guys :)21:12
jaegerindeed! thanks :) nice work21:16
frinnstshall we try and get our new server ready?21:32
jaegerIt would be nice to have, yeah21:33
frinnstharware-wise its ready, just need all the stuff in place21:33
frinnstim unsure what tek had planned21:34
frinnstACTION pokes teK_ 21:34
jaegerNo idea there21:34
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