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frinnstRomster: mm-common is not signed11:18
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frinnstyou might also want to apply this patch to ntfs-3g:
frinnstntfs-3g is not setuid though in crux afaik13:53
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onoderaHi, how do you guys handle private keys for repos?16:13
jaegerI think we probably don't, as nobody but the owner should ever have the private key, right?16:15
frinnstyeah, that16:17
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jaeger1100 day uptime on crux.nu17:06
jaegerfrinnst: when we do switch to the new server we should record the uptime on the old one, just for fun :)17:07
frinnstif the new server ever will have a longer uptime than 30 days, something is wrong :-)18:22
frinnstlong uptimes give me panic attacks18:22
jaegerI'm not a fan of it, honestly. Just impressed in this case18:26
frinnstload average: 22.80, 9.15, 4.7318:32
frinnstpoor little guy18:32
frinnstload average: 34.77, 13.03, 6.1318:33
frinnstrising fast18:33
frinnstload average: 78.48, 47.26, 21.5318:37
frinnststupid google indexer :-)18:37
onoderaHi, it seems that when there is no file in source= (like some -git packages have), -us will not create a sha256 for the footprint and pkgfile either19:20
xeirrrI've checked make_signature() function in /usr/bin/pkgmk, in -git repo, there shoud be 2 sha256sum for Pkgfile and footprint, but for source, should be empty. But onodera 's result surprised me.19:44
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onoderaSeems like19:52
onoderaif [ "$source" ]; then19:52
onoderais not actually needed in make_signature19:52
onoderain fact it breaks the creation of signatures for sourceless pkgfiles19:53
onoderaalso on line 703 in pkgmk, signature is misspelled as siganture19:55
jaegersmooth, heh19:58
onoderafixed incorrect indentation, the misspelling, some indentation that used spaces instead of tabs, trailing whitespace, and the incorrect use of source in make_signature, which I think is an artifact from make md5sum20:01
onoderawhich indeeds needs to check if there actually is a source, but signature work even without a source20:02
pedjadoes anyone else get 'This version does not have support for IRIs' with wget and contrib/libsigc++?20:03
frinnstwhen building?20:04
pedja'pkgmk -do'20:07
pedjawget-1.18 works fine.20:07
pedjalooks like wget-1.19.1 depends on libidn2 for IRI support.20:08
pedjaI have libidn installed, as a dependency for gnutls.20:09
pedjaannoyingly enough, wget built in the Docker container works.20:14
pedjasame output of the wget --version as the one on the system.20:14
frinnstlibsigc++ downloads from gnome, right?20:14
frinnstlots of different mirrors in play there20:15
pedja'local encoding = UTF-8' in my .wgetrc is to blame :)20:19
pedjaonce I commented it out, wget works again.20:19
pedjawell, that was embarrassing.20:21
onoderaI created flyspay task for my patch :)20:30
pedjaadding 'tar.lz' in the unpack_source would be nice :)20:33
onoderaI have a few public keys of repos, can they be added to the portdb?20:33
jueonodera: would be nice if you split the patch in at least two: one with the functional changes and a cleanup patch20:54
onoderaoh wait21:14
onoderawell whatevr21:15
Romsteri thought i already pointed out the missspelling of signature in the --help and that got fixed in the git tree.21:26
onoderaoh I wasn;t awere of that21:27
Romsterit's probably fixed but not a new tarball rolled21:27
Romsterlook at the pkgutils git tree21:28
Romsteryeah fix typo in the help text21:29
Romsteroh i see jue added tar.lz already21:29
Romsteris anyone working on a patch to add -us to prt-get?21:30
Romsterinstead of having todo prt-get --margs=-us21:30
onoderathe portdb urls still show 3.221:36
Romsteras for pub keys i stuck mine in the root of my ports you just have to copy it to /etc/ports/21:36
Romstersorted frinnst i didn't add the new file for mm-common before oops21:46
Romsteronly added the diff of signatures.21:46
Romsteri'll have to watch out for that.21:47
frinnstonodera: and you might also want to create a git format-patch22:01
frinnstif you want credit for it, that is22:02
frinnstpedja: tar.lz is already there22:02
frinnstRomster: that is also already added22:02
pedjafrinnst, where?I see only tar.lzma in pkgmk.22:04
pedja (extracted pkgutils-5.40.tar.xz)22:12
frinnstyeah its not released yetr22:12
pedjawell, fuck :)22:13
pedjafor a moment there I thought I was going blind22:13

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