IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-02-13

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Romsterfrinnst, i see it but i can't remove that bsdtar line out of ddrescue until new pkgutils is out01:25
Romsterif it was me, i wouldn't have bothered adding tar.lz to pkgmk just to satisfy 1 port01:29
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jueRomster: the reason why I've added tar.lz was core/ed and there are certainly others as well08:25
jueonodera: sorry, but your patches are not really usable as they are, what's the problem to create one with only the fix and without any whitespace corrections?08:27
frinnstRomster: why are you building qt5 with -no-cups ?08:47
frinnstbreaks qpdfviewer printing08:47
frinnstIt doesnt add cups as a buildtime dep but it will modify the footprint if cups is installed08:48
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Worksterfrinnst, blame who ever disabled cups in opt/qt4 i followed that for qt523:49
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