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darfoThree point three cheers for all those who have brought CRUX 3.3 to life. Rah! Rah! Rah! R!02:03
jaegerheh, thanks02:04
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jaegerGot most of my systems upgraded to 3.3, at least the ones that are going to be03:43
jaegerVery smooth so far03:43
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juejaeger: great to hear :)15:29
juewhat should we do with 3.2? Upgrade for a short time like 1 or 2 weeks to give the users some time to upgrade?15:35
juesecurity fixes for 4 or 8 weeks?15:35
jueonly security fixes is an option as well, IMO?15:36
jaegerI don't have a strong preference, it's pretty easy to update both for a little while. your numbers sound ok to me, personally15:37
frinnsti'll only backport sercurity fixes for my ports15:37
frinnstgit cherry-pick, yes?15:37
juefrinnst: yes15:38
jaegerAny objections to me adding an "unofficial images" section to the download wiki page at some point? After the -updated and x86 stuff is switched to 3.315:39
jueof course not, that's awesome, thanks :)15:41
jaegerMaybe I should have done that long ago, heh15:41
frinnsthehe yeah15:42
frinnstmost people ask for that in #crux anyway :-)15:42
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teK_can we also have ping pong images?22:17
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Linux_FreedomteK_ Did you get my message about a new mirror yesterday?22:37
teK_just a sec22:37
teK_fixing something atm22:37
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teK_yeah sure you can set up a mirror22:44
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teK_@ Linux_Freedom just send me contact info, the URL and the extent you plan mirror22:51
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teK_frinnst: they did NOT air those commercials in american breakfast commercial breaks, didnt they? :D22:57
Linux_FreedomI shall set this up tomorrow and let you know when it's done22:59
Linux_FreedomWe only host the iso images. I hope that's ok22:59
Linux_FreedomWe have unlimited bandwidth and speed so traffic is not a factor22:59
teK_it's best to write mail to so I have your contact data23:00
Linux_FreedomI'll do that now23:00
Linux_FreedomYou should have it now.23:04
teK_there are quite some ads on that page23:05
Linux_FreedomUnfortunately Linux Freedom does not get any revenue besides the ads and I pay for everything myself.23:06
teK_also additional 'download now' images/links not providing our ISO23:06
Linux_FreedomNo that is for Cyborg only.23:06
Linux_FreedomYour page will be with your Distro info only.23:07
teK_I understand23:07
Linux_FreedomWhat time is it there?23:07
teK_I am referring to the ads after clicking the intermediate "Download" link23:07
teK_for me its 00:07 (UTC+1)23:07
Linux_FreedomOh it's just gone 7am here.23:08
teK_I have an adchoices ad23:08
teK_on the download.html site which says: 'download now'23:08
teK_and this redirects to opera23:09
Linux_FreedomOh that might be an ad.23:09
teK_it is23:09
Linux_FreedomHalfway down the page is the on is the Download Cyborg Linux links23:10
teK_I know, it takes like 5% of the page23:10
Linux_Freedomif you have just one iso I can have the link to the iso start automatically.23:10
teK_so we dont have a policy on ads on our mirrors but I think we should not go for that23:10
teK_frinnst jaeger jue: opinions?23:10
jaegerNot I23:11
jaegersorry, mistype23:11
jaegerI need to read23:11
teK_it's easy23:11
teK_ < ok for a mirror of CRUX regarding ads and an intermediate landing page?23:12
teK_I tend to no23:12
Linux_Freedom is an example for linux mint23:12
Linux_FreedomThe download starts automatically.23:13
Linux_FreedomYes the ads do vary from page to page.23:13
Linux_FreedomMaybe I can make them smaller for you.23:13
Linux_FreedomI would prefer no ads...23:13
frinnstI dont like ads23:13
Linux_Freedombut unfortunately that would not pay for such a big server.23:14
jaegerI'm not a fan but it's only one mirror, maybe just a bit of text next to the mirror that says "contains ads" or something23:14
Linux_FreedomI understand.23:14
teK_Linux_Freedom: I will wait for feedback from jue and frinnst23:15
frinnstIm off to bed23:15
teK_and Romster can voice his  opinion, too :-)23:15
Linux_FreedomIf it's ok with you I can make the pages up anyway and you can use us if you like.23:17
frinnstObviously you are more than welcome to mirror and use as you like23:18
frinnstbut what needs to be decided is if we should link to it23:18
Linux_Freedomok will do.23:18
Linux_FreedomYeah sure23:18

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