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Worksteri wouldn't mind it linked with a contains ads, but what grantee is there, that the ads never contain porn or malicious data? also i think it's kind of rude to be making money off ads for a free linux OS personally.00:31
rmullI'm not a crux developer and my views don't at all reflect anybody's opinions but my own, but Linux_Freedom's About Us page says he gets the server for free, so he's basically earning money selling free software, and seems in quite poor taste00:32
Worksterthat changes my view of the ads considerably, and he just said he pays for the server, but the about page says he gets it for free.00:33
WorksterLinux Freedom is very fortunate to have supply us with a dedicated server absolutely free.00:35
WorksterLinux_Freedom> Unfortunately Linux Freedom does not get any revenue besides the ads and I pay for everything myself.00:36
rmullI mean... that statement is not technically a lie, the way it's worded00:38
jaegerwhy does merging 3.2 into 3.3 in compat-32 delete all the .signature files?01:32
jaegerI was trying to update the signatures on nvidia-sl-32 but I don't want to commit since it's doing that01:33
jaegerThe recent wrong-direction merge, maybe?01:35
jaegerI wonder if I should just cherry-pick the nvidia-sl-32 update into 3.301:35
jaegerIt looks correct after doing a cherry-pick instead of the merge. jue, frinnst: I will push it that way if you have no objections01:37
jaegeror romster, if jue and frinnst don't care as much about compat-3201:39
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Romsterjust got home jaeger07:23
Romstereh what a mess on compat-3207:29
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Romsterjaeger, you'll need to rebase to compat-32 head i forced a hard reset08:40
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Romsteri'm done for the night looks like compat-32 works with git pull again.13:08
frinnsti fucked up compat-32 a while back13:20
frinnstI dont use anything from that so I generally dont touch ut13:21
frinnstbut i was updating (c) stuff, and fucked up on that repo13:21
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jaegerno worries14:58
jaegerRomster: ok, thanks14:58
jaegerOddly a rebase didn't work, no matter what I did after that the repo had conflicts. I ended up checking out a new clean copy. Looks like you already updated the sigs for nvidia-sl-32 anyway15:05
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juefor ports that doesn't honor the --disable-nls option the following might be an option17:28
jueinstead of first creating the mo files and than a rm -r $PKG/usr/share/locale17:29
juefrinnst: btw, that's an update for lxapperance17:30
frinnstexport LINGUAS=" " ?17:33
jueyeah, that prevents building the nls stuff17:35
jueif you don't like the idea, just use the rm -r $PKG/usr/share/locale statement17:36
frinnstnah, this is cleaner17:37
frinnstwow, lxde really fucked up their homepage17:37
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jueFYI, did some corrections to our ck4up.conf on crux.nu19:28
pitillocan someone verify dash url?
pitilloI've asked in crux the other day about gcc. Is right this file? or shoud it be 22?19:30
juedash URL is correct, but currently (since some days) broken19:30
pitilloi've noticed that... no way to get sources since two days ago (got it from another machine)19:31
jue/usr/lib/ is correct, where does the 21 come from?19:36
frinnstits in core/gcc actually19:38
frinnstI just commented out that entire line and the footprint didnt change19:38
frinnstlike tilman said, rm -f is a bug hider :-)19:39
jueah, now I understand19:40
frinnstgcc no longer seems to install libiberty.a19:41
frinnst*rebuilding again*19:41
pitillounderstood here too...19:41
jueok, let's fix that with 6.4.019:41
pitillogreat, thank you19:42
juethank you for the report :)19:42
Romsterjaeger, i did i tried a git revert ... -m1 i didn't have a lot of luck just had to fix the mess, which resulted in a few ugly commits to get it right again. but i can do a git pull . 3.2 now and not mess anything else up.21:19
Romsteri really dislke using rm -f and tend to shy away from it except for possibly share/doc but never for share or some other major directory21:23

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