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juefrinnst: seems sourceforge is still valid for procps tarballs, at least our version is latest09:10
jueas I switched to procps-ng the project was hosted on gitorious bought by gitlab09:13
frinnstthoughts about FS#137709:19
frinnstlocate > find / ..09:20
frinnstjaeger: did you want to adopt xdg-utils? iirc you wanted it to be spared from the great purge :-)09:25
frinnstnote to self: traceroute6 is installed under /usr/sbin, traceroute is installed under /usr/bin09:44
frinnstthats dumb09:44
juefrinnst: I don't see a real reason why we should move mlocate to opt, if we follow the arguments in FS#1377 we can move a lot of other ports as well, e.g. bc, binutils, cpio etc. etc.10:07
just_funbc and binutils are needed to build packages10:14
just_funis not the same thing10:14
just_funwe could also ask the other way around: was to reason for mlocate in core?10:18
juewhich port needs bc and bindutils?10:22
just_funI've read binutils :D10:22
jueoh, indeed, that was a typo :)10:22
just_funI remember on pkgsrc build failed because of missing bc10:23
just_funbut anyway, I'm a little biased10:23
just_funI hate mlocate10:23
juewell, just don't install it ;)10:24
just_funit's cron job is so annoying10:24
just_funI've just uninstall it, but I thought about the reason10:24
just_funyou can close that too10:26
just_funno hard feelings10:26
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frinnsti love locate :-)10:37
frinnstoften a lot faster than find since its all in an index10:37
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jueRomster: just merged some python stuff, hope that's ok, though pyparsing gives me a 40412:13
juewell, that was probably my last non-security commit to 3.212:15
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frinnstjue, does printing with qpdfviewer work for you under qt5?12:46
frinnstI had to remove "-no-cups" from the qt5 port to get it working12:46
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jaegerfrinnst: I hadn't planned to but will if necessary15:50
frinnstI adopted it yesterday :-)15:52
frinnstbut my use for it is pretty simple. If you need to use it for mate or something and do changes just let me know15:52
jaegerI don't think it needs any changes, just to be available. But I will double check15:53
juefrinnst: same here, had to rebuild qt5 without -no-cups15:59
jueadded -plugin-sql-sqlite -system-sqlite as well16:01
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pedjadoes anyone else have problems with python-pyparsing update?404 and signature mismatch18:33
jueyep, me too ->
pedjaOK.It's funny that Sourceforge is saner (easier to predict d/l link) this time :)18:49
pedjaPyPi way is...interesting.18:49
pedjawrt to qt5 and sqlite, iirc using system sqlite was broken for a while.I might be wrong, though.19:07
teK_Romster: pyparsing fails for me:20:27
teK_find: '/usr/ports/opt/pyparsing/work/pkg/usr/lib/python/site-packages': No such file or directory20:27
teK_which may be may bad. looking into it further.20:31
teK_works as user + fakeroot, fails as root + fakeroot (woot)20:32
teK_(hint: pythonversion is not set, calling the command in $() right before find ... works, though)20:33
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frinnstjue: configure: error: Library requirements (sqlite3 >= 3.17.0) not met;21:37
frinnstthats from firefox 52.0b721:37
frinnstoh, you have pushed it21:38
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