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Romsterjue, i didn't get time to merge it to 3.3 branch but i didn't change the url so it should of still worked, looking into it.03:40
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Romster# pkg-url03:48
Romsteri just used wget and that worked for me.03:48
Romsterah i didn't update the source when i merged it into 3.304:09
Romster;a=commitdiff;h=d0ca97dc99504dbd8ccc861a53cb9cf386031c63 what just happend with the merge of python-setuptools04:15
Romsterwhy would it do that04:15
Romsterand pythn-pyparsing i don't know what happend but i did have the source correct04:16
Romsterwhy is this in opt/3.3;a=commitdiff;h=a2c26aacc0290da5ef0d7fd48b87a13f647ba1df04:36
Romsterwhen i only put that in 3.204:36
Romsteroh right 3.2 is nearly in sync with 3.3 for some strange reason04:40
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jueRomster: FYI, there's a warning from prtverify -> ERROR  opt/python-setuptools .... variable name do not match the portname: setuptools09:00
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frinnstwow, strip is actually broken in pkgmk16:59
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~/pkgutils [master]$ ls -lh /bin/bash17:10
frinnst-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 817K feb 18 17:59 /bin/bash17:10
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~/pkgutils [master]$ ls -lh /.snapshot/daily_2017-02-17_20\:21\:17/bin/bash17:10
frinnst-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 928K feb 15 19:02 /.snapshot/daily_2017-02-17_20:21:17/bin/bash17:10
jaegerinteresting. Did that output change with a recent version of file17:45
frinnst stripped, with debug_info ?17:49
frinnstah, now I follow17:55
frinnstnot sure17:55
jaegerNo big deal since you already fixed it, just a curiosity18:02
frinnstyeah I dont want to dig through the file commits to find out :>18:02
jaegerunderstandable. :)18:03
jueguess it's more bash related18:19
juefor me it looks like old version of bash returned true for a partial match, instead current only if the pattern matches the whole pattern?18:21
jue*the whole string18:23
jueno I'm wrong ->
juefrinnst: in that case it would be better to use '*ELF*executable*not\ stripped*' without the ','18:36
jueor the function is broken again with the next file release18:37
jueonodera: sorry, but I've to ask again wrt FS#137318:51
juewhat's the problem to provide a patch with the fix only?18:51
onoderaah yeah sorry18:51
onoderaI tried but my editor kept messing things up so I became annoyed, let me try again18:52
onoderaugh why can't I delete attachements from fs18:59
juehmm, let me try18:59
frinnstjue: true18:59
frinnstI looked around and found dbus also not being stripped19:00
onoderaok I updated the issue19:00
jueonodera: great, thank you19:01
jueshall I delete the old patches?19:01
onoderayes please19:01
jueonodera: please add cleanup again, deleted it by mistake19:06
pedjaFF crashed as I was watching
pedjaIt was weird, single beep then crash.20:11
pedjaapparently it's e10s/hardware acc issue20:16
pedjathrow nvidia binary driver in the mix, and you get this :)20:18
pedjajaeger, docker is missing quite a few man pages :)21:22
jaegerThat's certainly possible. I didn't do more for the man pages than to run the or whatever it is21:30
pedjathat builds just the 'legacy' man pages, you'll have to run for new hotness :)21:40
pedjaor build them using, surprise, Docker21:42
pedjabtw, I removed one of the images using 'docker rmi $id', but it's still listed in 'docker images'.21:43
pedjahave you come across this?21:44
pedjait might be the issue with JFS as backing FS.21:45
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jaegerI have not seen that, no21:57
pedjayou're using LVM. correct?21:58
pedjafor /var/lib/docker, I mean21:58
pedjait's just annoying, not an issue per se :)22:00
pedjait could be the way rancher/server image is built, or something.22:01
jaegeryeah, currently using lvm on my docker server... just devicemapper/overlay on the laptop to test22:14
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