IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-02-20

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frinnstteK_: what were your thoughts on git and wiki on the new server? i think we should try to make it happen soon'ish13:32
frinnstas long as i know what software to install, i can do lots of the basic work13:32
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juefrinnst: that remindes me, guess I have to donate something more for our new server?13:37
frinnstI think you're good13:43
frinnstjaeger and tek remains :-)13:43
frinnstI dont mind covering what remains. You pretty much paid for the entire server. Disk cost and oob remains. tek pledged ~50EUR i think13:44
frinnstdisks cost about ~200EUR with 2.5-3.5 adaptors13:45
frinnstoob cost about 50+50EUR13:45
frinnsti dont mind paying 50EUR + the shipping costs (an additional ~50EUR for everything)13:46
frinnstbtw if you are going to relay money from jaeger I've changed banks so dont use the old IBAN number13:47
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jaegerI was going to pay for the disks but if that's not the right amount, let me know15:21
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