IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-02-22

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teK_FYI: there is a $version in pdbcacher that pointed to 3.2 still21:50
jaegerMaybe we need a "things to update with each release" checklist21:53
teK_yes. Who did it this time?21:54
jaegerno idea21:55
jaegerI'd guess nobody, if you said it pointed to 3.221:55
teK_the rest21:55
teK_like pointing the cruxbot to 3.321:56
teK_(this may be in the repos, though)21:56
jaegerNot I21:56
teK_I better have a look :P21:56
teK_.. writing thins down21:56
frinnstI did cruxbot22:21
teK_I was thanked for signatures22:26
teK_did not see that22:26
teK_oh and also correct and extend ;)22:29
jaegernice, looks like a good start22:31
jaegerI can't seem to auth to the wiki anymore, can you or someone reset my password?22:32
teK_sure *rollingeyes* :D22:32
teK_I just have to figure out, how22:32
teK_it was some existing page editing22:32
teK_*clicking through several links of documentation on instead of the actual page required*22:34
onoderabtw teK_, this links 404's:
onoderaI don't know if that's on purpose?22:35
teK_*moving along a circular path*22:35
teK_it's not22:35
teK_shame on me22:35
teK_just a sec22:35
onoderathe other ones do as well22:35
onoderawell the other 6c37 ones, the official keys work fine22:36
teK_or shame on you I hoepfully added a not on how to contribut keys on the signing page (probabl not :P)22:36
teK_yeah I nead to manually put a file on disk22:36
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teK_should we have a key update protocol mandating a "signed" message with the old key (by mail)?22:48

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