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jaegerAnyone else unable to edit pages in the wiki or is it just me? I can log in but not edit00:31
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teK_jue: mind helping with the wiki?01:02
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teK_frinnst: the gitolite stuff should be on the server, wrt applications: are you fine with apache or should we do everything from scratch?01:06
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frinnstutil-linux 2.29.2 fixes CVE-2017-2616, a race condition which allowed local users07:51
frinnstto kill other processes.07:51
jueteK_: sure08:49
juefrinnst: not touching us, we don't use su from util-linux08:50
frinnstah right08:51
juejaeger: if you get the editor page but your changes are not saved, be sure to hit preview before save10:23
jueteK_: FYI, as we are no longer using captcha I've disabled the module in config.php and removed (commented) the input field in Site/EditFrom10:39
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frinnstACTION slaps teK_ 11:30
frinnstgitolite deps :-)11:30
pedjause gogs, then, single Go binary.12:19
pedjaACTION hides12:19
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jaegerjue: I never get to the editor page, just repeated prompts for auth15:20
jaegerteK_ created another user to test and had the same problem15:20
frinnsttime to kill it with fire?15:22
frinnstnew server ftw!15:22
jaegerjesus, look at this:16:55
jaegercrux 3.3 release: 70838K  ./crux/opt/firefox#51.0.1-1.pkg.tar.xz16:55
jaegercrux 3.3 updated: 284551K ./crux/opt/firefox#51.0.1-1.pkg.tar.xz16:56
jaegerThe ISO is nearly 900M after that16:56
just_funACTION faints16:57
frinnstwhat happened?17:03
frinnstnostrip or something?17:04
juefor sure, the file 'bug'17:04
frinnstdo we have anything else queued for pkgutils? or should we roll a new version perhaps17:05
jueyes, the fix from onodera17:05
jaegeryeah, check it out:17:05
jaeger$ du -sh $(find . -iname "")17:05
jaeger72M     ./usr/lib/firefox-devel/sdk/lib/libxul.so17:05
jaeger72M     ./usr/lib/firefox/libxul.so17:05
jaeger# du -sh $(find . -iname "")17:05
jaeger72M     ./usr/lib/firefox/libxul.so17:05
jaeger946M    ./usr/lib/firefox-devel/sdk/lib/libxul.so17:05
jaegerobviously that's after decompress :D17:06
frinnsti remember when i had set nostrip in pkgmk.conf and forgot about it..17:06
jaegerthere's no .nostrip file in the firefox port, though17:06
jueI'd say let's apply that and roll a new version after17:08
juefrinnst: can you do that?17:09
frinnstgod.. those patches are not really usable17:17
frinnstappears to be done one after pkgutils has been installed17:18
frinnstoh well, manual editing it is I guess..17:18
pedja'Severity:high'?Aren't those security patches and such?17:26
frinnstgood thing it was just one file :-)17:31
frinnstgit patches ftw17:31
frinnstafk for a while17:37
pedjatry tig as git 'GUI', it's nice17:39
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