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jaegerIs ed breakage a known issue? I think I saw some chatter in here recently about lz archives04:36
jaeger+ bsdtar -xf /usr/src/crux-3.3-iso-ci/ports/core/ed/work/src/ed-1.14.1.tar.lz04:36
jaegerbsdtar: Error opening archive: Failed to open '/usr/src/crux-3.3-iso-ci/ports/core/ed/work/src/ed-1.14.1.tar.lz'04:36
just_funWith the new pkgutils, yes.05:39
just_funryu0 pointed out to me a commit05:39
just_funI sugest to change the Pkgline: bsdtar -xf $SRC/$name-$version.tar.lz05:41
just_funto something like if [ -f $SRC/$name-$version.tar.lz ]; then bsdtar -xf $SRC/$name-$version.tar.lz; fi05:42
just_funAnd romster had the same issue with ddrescue05:45
just_funsee the Feb 13 irc log05:45
just_funanother nice change will be:05:48
just_funtest -d $name-version || bsdtar -xf $SRC/$name-$version.tar.lz05:48
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juejaeger: pkgmk 5.40.1 add support for 'tar.lz' which breaks the current ed port09:13
juejaeger: and contrib/ddrescue IIRC09:13
juejaeger: will fix ed later09:13
Romsterwill fix ddrescue later in windows currently10:05
frinnstexpecting a lot of complaints now: "ED DOESNT BUILD!=!)!"" :D10:13
frinnst-- Packages where update failed10:13
frinnst-- Packages updated10:13
frinnsttaking bets, who will complain first?10:14
just_funI've complained already, 2 weeks ago10:15
just_funwhen I was trying to build the iso, with the latest pkgutils10:15
frinnstyou win!11:01
just_funIt is a win-win case :) you we're right too.11:04
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juefrinnst: just another reason to update to latest pkgutils ;)12:13
jueI don't see a good reason to add logic to support older pkgutils12:14
frinnstbtw, seems like debian are considering switching su over to util-linux13:06
jueAFAIK the su from util-linux is not usable for us because it's PAM-only13:30
juethough, I'm not sure13:31
juemight be that I mix up that with login?13:32
jueconfigure: WARNING: PAM header file not found; not building su13:46
juesame for login13:46
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juefrinnst: from your link:13:49
jue.. where shadow would care about historical things like systems that did not have PAM13:50
frinnst"GNU ed 1.14.2 released"16:56
frinnstdoh :-)16:56
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