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frinnstyep, fucking coworkers00:46
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frinnstjue: seems shadow is also affected by the su vulnerability11:16
frinnstdebian patched their shadow packages atleast11:17
frinnstPackage        : shadow11:19
frinnstCVE ID         : CVE-2016-6252 CVE-2017-261611:19
frinnstDebian Bug     : 832170 85594311:19
juewell, it's a pam-only bug, so not important for us11:20
frinnstah right11:20
frinnstsorry, im too paranoid and not attentive enough to read the actual commit message :>11:20
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onoderaUhh so I do think there is something broken with sourceless ports and signatures. generating a signature for a sourceless port works just fine, even installing the ports after having generated the signature works fine14:37
onoderahowever when pulling a sourceless port from a repo a signuture mismatch happens14:37
just_funwhat to you mean by pulling the port from a repo?14:50
just_funin check_signature(), the 'if [ "$source" ]' is wrong14:59
just_funthat chunk was copied from md5, but there we didn't have checksums for pkgfile and .footprint14:59
just_funpkgutils-5.40.1.tar.xz doesn't have this commit;a=commitdiff;h=dcb8845eaf69cbefe62e58b03090c986391333d315:06
just_funmy bad15:11
just_funWhat the above commit does in make_signature(), the same thing should be done in check_signature()15:12
just_funI've attached a patch with a misspelled comment that should fix this:
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chinarulezzzopt/xorg-xf86-video-v4l (v0.2.0) building is broken19:16
chinarulezzzthis patch can help:
randn01zhello world! :)21:38
randn01zI think I found few typos in handbook 3.321:38
randn01zhow to contribute?21:38
frinnstopen a bug21:41
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