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frinnstjust_fun: i went through your reports.   would like some feedback please11:07
frinnstalso im not trying to be a dick, just want to know why some changes would be actual improvements11:08
frinnstand regarding FS#1382, can you provide patches against the git tree of pkgutils?11:08
tnutsed -i "s@auto_ptr@unique_ptr@" auto_ptr is becoming obsolet11:27
just_funfrinnst, don't worry about closing my issues11:40
just_funor ask me why11:41
just_funI'll double check now the 1382 patch11:41
just_funThe 1382 patch attached right now is ok.11:43
just_funAbout the other issues:11:43
just_funI'm new here, and I don't know how things work,11:44
just_funif I see something that I think is improvement, I speak11:44
just_funlike with mlocate11:44
just_funbut, if I see that you want/need the thing as it is, I understand.11:45
just_funI should presume that if a thing is as it is, is because you want it like that,11:45
just_funbut not harm in asking...11:46
just_funOh, now I've seen the comments on the issues :D11:48
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juejust_fun: added a comment to FS#138412:04
just_funI've seen it. I've tried to make up a good answer :D to no avail. I'll try later.12:06
juefrinnst: do you have uncommitted stuff in pkgutils.git?12:13
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juetnut: thanks, committed12:34
tnutYou're welcome jue12:46
frinnstjue: nope, nothing not committed13:50
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juefrinnst: so the third patch of #1373 is not applied yet?16:40
frinnsthm, it isnt?16:47
frinnstmust have overlooked that one16:47
frinnstwasnt that the original FS# with onoderas patches?16:47
jueyes, it was16:52
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frinnstfeel free to push. afk17:06
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juefrinnst: done19:03
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