IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-03-03

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jaegerheh, that's really silly16:22
jaegerunrelated, I'll most likely be out of town most of next week16:23
teK_have fun16:28
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teK_Poettering is up to something again22:43
teK_this time it is nothing less than to change how distributions work :]22:44
teK_the new schema is going to have each application the freedom to pack its whole individual runtime22:44
teK_i.e. one [distinct] set of libraries per application22:45
teK_and btrfs will be mandatory22:45
teK_updates are btrfs binary deltas between snapshots of  runtime:vendor:application:version_{old,new}22:46
teK_I am not sure what this will solve but he claims in that way, building servers or embedded devices will be easier22:47
teK_estimated risk potential for screwing with our model of things should be done from my POV atm: ~ 022:47
teK_best part of the blog post though: were he whines about being rejected at two conferences so he will be talking about this in October at a third conference22:50
crash_haha he does not give up :)22:51
teK_I am fine with him trying out new things as long as it does not affect me22:57
teK_oh and there was something in the post "thats why we need IPC and kdbus"22:57
teK_k. ( @_@ )22:57
crash_as long as i'm not forced to use systemD i'm glad, he can do what he wants22:58
dlcusacrash_, it isn't that simple.  systemd's adoption gains keep making it harder to use upstream software on non-systemd platforms.  There comes a point where there aren't enough resources to fork and continue at some point, and we're losing ground, not gaining.23:21
crash_dlcusa: yeah you are right, we are losing ground. More and more things are systemD only these days.23:27

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