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frinnstwhere did you read that tek?00:48
teK_I wired something today, btw01:16
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frinnstwhat, as in money?01:32
frinnstif you used the account jue used its in /dev/null now01:32
frinnstsince i've got a new bank01:33
chinarulezzzhi just_fun, all crux devs.02:00
chinarulezzzdo you plan to merge create.dirs{}.patch into pkgutils release?02:00
chinarulezzztaken from this thread:
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teK_frinnst: of course I did ....12:40
teK_dev/null or dev/bounceback12:40
just_funchinarulezzz: with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk (chinese proverb)12:44
teK_chinarulezzz: I can have a quick look (did not follow the discussion, probably)12:45
pedjateK_, guess what :)? libgpg-error and gnupg have new releases (1.27 and 2.1.19).14:07
pedjawireshark, too, but I have a patch for that, if you are interested.14:07
pedjaversion bump and header install (libvirt needs Wireshark headers)14:09
pedjabtw, I found out why Wireshark-gtk segfaults on capture stop (some weird interaction with numix theme)14:10
just_funteK_, would you consider packing all the repositories ( in the ports package or ports-contrib?15:34
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tnutHi jaeger19:11
teK_dear goodness19:12
teK_will check that out in a sec.19:12
teK_pedja: done19:17
teK_next stop: ws19:17
teK_btw: interested in the patch as I am laaaazy19:18
teK_just_fun: 'the ports package'?19:24
teK_i.e. merge opt and contrib?19:24
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teK_hey folks, FYI: I fixed the b0rken logic of portdb always clearing the db and then rebuilding it.. now it will copy to a new db, refresh that and on success replace the old one with the new one20:27
jaegersounds like a nice improvement, good job20:28
teK_I will also have it pull updates hourly or something ;)20:28
teK_after all, it's 201720:28
just_funteK_: pkginfo -l ports20:30
just_funDoes it make sense to put all the other repositories there?20:31
teK_you can do that, sure20:32
teK_but everything will take longer20:32
just_funwith .inactive20:32
teK_i.e. ports -u and also prt-get cache20:32
teK_consider using mpup20:32
teK_it lets you pull individual ports from different repos without pulling the repos completely20:33
just_funGot it.20:34
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pedjamy connection crapped itself, sorry about that :)21:10
teK_no problem21:10
teK_I'd like to see the ws patch21:11
teK_for the header part21:11
pedjaabout the signing ports as non-root?or it just can't be done?21:13
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pedjachowning /etc/ports/ to root:signify and adding user to that group is one solution (not a very good one, granted :))21:15
teK_*signing* or checking the signature?21:15
teK_for signing/accessing the private key: yes ..21:16
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pedjaas I use fakeroot for building packages/updating footprints, using fakeroot for signing would be nice21:18
pedjahm, 'sudo pkgmk -us/-rs' would work, right?21:20
teK_% fakeroot cat opt.sec > /dev/null21:20
teK_% echo $?21:20
teK_I dont see the issue21:20
jaegercan't use fakeroot to sign the ports if the user you're using doesn't have write access to the port's folder21:21
pedjaI get 'permission denied' when I put foo.sec into the /etc/ports and do 'fakeroot pkgmk -us/-rs' in foo/port/21:24
teK_the calling user needs read permission to the private key21:24
jaegerand write permissions for the port21:25
pedjaread permissions are the issue :)21:25
pedjawith fakeroot, I dpn't have read permissions for /etc/ports/foo.sec21:26
teK_the calling user needs read permission to the private key <21:26
teK_calling == execve fakeroot21:26
teK_and I am willing to include the headers, I am just puzzled that you need to do it like this instead of Makefile targets21:30
pedjatbh, I didn't check if wireshark has makefile target for header install :)21:31
teK_maybe we should split that into a separate port wireshark headers..21:31
teK_I did and calling, eg make install in epan/ does build the whole thing21:31
pedjathere is no target for it in main Makefile?21:32
pedjasomething like 'make install-headers' or something21:33
pedjamake install in epan dir is a cleaner/more robust solution, so I would go with that21:37
teK_it fails for me21:37
teK_ws_version_info.c:40:21: fatal error: version.h: No such file or directory21:37
teK_ #include "version.h"21:37
pedjaversion.h is generated when ./configure runs, iirc21:39
teK_I did that..21:40
teK_I think I will create a separate header port21:40
teK_in contrib21:40
teK_copying your code21:40
pedja'sudo pkgmk -us' works, of course :) why didn't I think of that sooner21:41
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