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frinnstjust_fun: testing your rsync driver patch10:53
frinnstnice work btw.. its one of those things that were written ages ago and never looked at again :)10:53
just_funI'm trying to use ports -u with all the repositories ... that is why I've messed with that driver.11:07
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tnutHi jue11:39
tnutquestion about pkgmk -sk: how do you submit/update a signed port into the official collection ?11:56
juenot sure if I understand your question correct, but it's simple: pkgmk -us to update the signature and a commit afterwards12:04
tnutthx for answe jue12:05
tnutbut -us12:05
tnutmeans that you need the keys pair (public and secret (or private one))12:06
tnutbut I have seen on git official collections ports are not signe today right ?12:07
juecore, opt, xorg are signed12:09
tnutand Thomas Penteker is talking of keys sharing which is logic12:09
jueeven contrib12:09
tnutah so you not push .signature files on git repo ?12:10
juesure, we do12:11
tnutit's not shown on
tnutso ok12:12
jueah, I see12:13
tnutofficial packagers need a copy of the concern collection private key  (I don't need to know how) right ?12:13
juethe portdb needs some love ;)12:13
jueyes, that's right12:14
tnutotherwise .signature can't work12:14
tnutI mean the public one12:14
tnutTkx a lot jue for clarification12:16
jueyou're welcome12:16
tnutthen my last question will be (you can guess)12:18
tnuthow do you deliver safely the private key12:19
juevia gpg-signed email12:19
jueencrypted of course12:20
tnutyeah now it's clear12:20
tnuta person who only use ports12:21
tnutis happy with the public key only and can do pkgmk -i / prt-get depinst12:22
tnutgot it12:22
tnutagreed jue ?12:23
jueexactly :)12:23
tnuttip top12:24
tnutand it make sence to renew them (the pair) when release change12:24
frinnstthanks for the footprint fix in harfbuzz, missed that one13:02
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frinnstjue: how did you pick up the libarchive issue? i dont think i've seen a ck4up notification for it13:25
frinnstdebian patched something a week or so back, but that was an older issue iirc13:26
juefrinnst: was in the ck4up notification from 2nd march, together with lzo and btrfs-progs13:52
juefrinnst: guess you're running mesa 17.0.1 already?14:00
frinnstyep, no issues here14:12
frinnstACTION pokes pedja 14:13
frinnstwouldnt mesa 17 be your saving grace wrt. nvidia or something?14:13
frinnstor did I dream that14:13
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pedjait would, it makes packaging vulkan a little easier, and I can finally dust off my libglvnd repo so I can play with , too :)15:51
pedjaand I think that the latest xorg merged some patches wrt binary nvidia/glvnd15:53
pedjaand intel/nvidia on laptops, iirc15:55
pedjaVulkan is pretty straightforward.The only issue I had was header conflict between mesa and Vulkan SDK.16:10
pedjawhich mesa-17.x resolves.16:11
pedjavulkan-sdk port is a bit...icky, shall we say16:12
pedjamainly because, like docker, all the parts of it must be from particular git commit16:13
pedjanvidia needs a tiny patch, too (an extra file install, iirc)16:15
pedjaI did play a bit of vkQuake, for science of course, to test it.16:17
pedjawhen mesa-17.0.1 lands in xorg, I'll update the repo and push it to Bitbucker, if case anyone else is interested in playing with it.16:18
pedjaglvnd, otoh, is much more intrusive change.16:21
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pedjabtw, frinnst, pass-1.7 has libqrencode as recommended dependency.16:41
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frinnstyep. played with it17:58
frinnstbut its not in any of the official repos and I cant be arsed to maintain it17:59
frinnstgood for wifi psk's i guess18:11
pedjait's an optional dependency for one of the xfce plugins, iirc, I might add it.Hm.18:24
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