IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-03-10

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NomiusTHANKS Workster !15:22
rmullWhat if prt-get was modified to support parallel downloads?15:31
onoderarmull: I want to add that to my prt-get clone `prt`16:08
onoderalike butch does it, parallel downloading (of multiple ports and sources of course)16:08
onoderaparallel extracting, and evebn parallel building I think16:09
onoderabutch is the package manager of sabotage btw16:09
onoderathey recently rewrote it in bash/shell so maybe CRUX could copy some code even16:09
rmullSounds cool16:14
NomiusIf they did they could quickly switch to axel for parallel downloads...16:15
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