IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-03-11

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jaegerLooks like the URLs for coreutils and findutils need to be changed... doesn't seem to be a DNS round-robin, rather some kind of redirecting proxy or similar... and the path /pub/gnu doesn't exist on many of the mirrors13:18
jaegerIn fact, it exists on none of the ones I've hit so far testing this13:18
jaegerIf somebody here can verify that behavior, I'll switch them to use a static mirror like kernel.org13:19
jaegerIt probably affects all the ports which were recently switched to, I guess13:21
jaegerusing a distfiles mirror hides that13:22
jaegerfrinnst: how's the ryzen setup treating you so far?13:33
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frinnstpretty nicely i'd say16:34
frinnstthough im missing drivers for pretty much all sensors16:34
frinnstbut other than the extra cores, I cant say im feeling any speed differences from my sandy bridge16:35
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frinnstobviously build times and such are much faster. but interactive usage feels the same16:35
frinnstI guess I do feel my haswell at work is a lot slower than it was a week ago16:36
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jaegersounds reasonable16:53
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pedjalooks like cmake has a new dependency(libuv), in case someone is thinking of updating opt/cmake18:41
pedjaI had to install it, at least, before I updated cmake to 3.7.218:44
pedjait's not bundled, afaict18:45
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