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frinnstpedja: I dont have it installed09:02
frinnstand cmake 3.7.2 installed09:02
pedjawell, that's weird.
pedjaI'll try to build cmake in the container, once it updates09:42
pedjafrinnst, you just bumped the version for cmake, right?09:44
frinnstah sorry no, .1-209:54
frinnstthat last -2 confused me09:54
pedjahm, Q9650 for 50€.too bad I am wary of sellers on the local version of ebay.09:58
pedjathat would be a nice upgrade for my aging LGA775 m/b09:59
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jaegerfrinnst: I'm thinking about replacing my old ESXi server with my NAS VM on it with an hp microserver gen8 G1610T - would you still recommend those in general? (I think you had older models, not this specific one)20:28
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frinnstyep, mine have been epic20:38
frinnstbut as you said, I have the old models with amd cpu's20:38
frinnstand isnt that celeron model a bit weak for vms?20:38
frinnstyou can get it with xeon too :)20:38
frinnstcome on, you know you want to go all out!20:39
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frinnstjaeger: have you ordered it yet? :D22:20
jaegerIt won't be a virtualization server anymore, just the NAS22:52
jaegerlinux+zfs, maybe 8GB RAM22:52
pedjateK_, when you get around to it, bump git to 2.12.0 (usual bugfix/some new features release, nothing major)23:03
Romsterjue, fcron asks a question to create a user despite pre-install run scripts is enabled.23:04
pedjaso, frinnst , does cmake-3.7.2 build for you without libuv installed or not? it fails to build in the container for me.23:06
pedjamaybe your 1700x is magical :)23:08
Romster speaking of which23:09
pedjaI've watched that a few days ago, he has a point23:10
RomsterRyzen is a beast but really nothing is optimised for it.23:17
Romsterwhich makes sense as it is new23:17
jaegerIt's brand new, it'll get there23:17
Romsterone video they delid the heat spreader. it's soldered on and takes 170C to unsolder it.23:18
Romstermax temp of it is 90C before it shuts down23:19
Romstermy phenom II 965 black edition 3.4Ghz quad core sits at like 45C i could so overclock this but i never bothered to.23:19
pedjaFirst(and last) CPU I OC'd was Celeron.native speed 600Mhz, ran like a charm at 900Mhz with stock cooler.23:21
pedjaFor a year, until power spike fried the m/b23:23
pedja(power grid was more...temperamental, shall we say, back then, in this neck of the woods)23:24
Romsteri gave my K7 a slight frequency boost23:31
Romster1.4GHz i pushed to 1.47GHz23:31
Romsterwouldn't go any more than that. and no it did not run hot at max load it say on 65C23:31
Romsterand that was in a non-air conditioned room in summer23:32
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Romsterso the whole people saying they run hot is crap... they just had shitty coolers on them.23:32
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