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frinnstah, forgot to push the coreutils update. i've been testing it since its release10:36
frinnstgood you have a better memory than me :D10:36
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jaegerIs that updated URL consistent with every download?14:11
jaegerThe problem I was seeing was that some mirrors used /, some used /gnu, some used /pub/gnu, some used /gnu/gnu14:11
jaegerit was all over the place14:11
frinnstseems like / works as well as /gnu15:01
frinnstbut /pub/gnu failed on some mirrors15:02
frinnstit might still be a bit inconsistent but everything should work now15:02
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jueguess we are save now, /gnu works also on while / does not15:38
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teK_pedja: will do19:52
teK_who plugged the disk out19:52
teK_who who19:52
crash_not me19:53
teK_frinnst: cash came back, will wire again :}19:54
teK_EXT3-fs error (device sdd1): ext3_find_entry: reading directory #2 offset 019:57
teK_Buffer I/O error on device sdd1, logical block 019:57
teK_lost page write due to I/O error on sdd119:57
teK_we should be good, three more healthy disks, but we may have to speed up moving OR ping charly to do us one last favour19:58
frinnstspeed up the move!20:44
frinnstteK_: are you SURE you got the right account # this time? :D20:45
teK_I will20:52
teK_sdd is our backup disk, frinnst23:11
jaegeralso the one that's been sending smart errors for years23:11
teK_well no it's failing23:12
teK_as in REALLY23:12
jaegeryes :)23:12
jaegerWas going to happen sooner or later23:12
teK_well the messages was some shitty measuring of temperature23:15
teK_so ... idk23:15
teK_doesnt matter, RIP in piece sdd23:15
jaegerIt's not necessarily related, they were just annoying23:15
teK_yes ;)23:15
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