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just_funI see there is no rule regarding building as root vs non-root. Is there something about this in the secret TODO34?08:32
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frinnstthere is no todo34 yet08:57
frinnstwhy should we make a rule for how users build stuff?08:57
just_funthere are footprint mismatch, when building as non-root08:58
just_funand wanted to know if I work around this, or wait for the official way08:58
just_funfooprint mismatch in righs (like rw-rw-rw vs -rw-r-r) and users (chown)08:59
frinnstah yeah there are some issues with fakeroot09:00
frinnstwell, we havent really talked about it. most of us have done it in the same way for 5-10 years. Its good to get new people with new ideas and points of view09:01
frinnstdo you have a suggestion in how to solve it?09:01
just_funThe wiki suggests using non-root, from what I remember. This is confusing.09:02
just_funI don't mind any way, root vs non-root builds,09:03
just_funbut when I hit one of this problem don't know what to do: complain (file a bug) or workaround :)09:05
frinnstwell i usually run fakeroot for new ports and whatnot09:05
frinnstand as root (sysup) for updates09:05
frinnstbut if you have any ideas on how to keep the build() process non-root, please file bugs and add patches :-)09:07
just_funThis means that is that the non-root way is the way?09:09
just_funSpeaking from a port maintainer point of view.09:09
frinnstnon-root is always better09:09
just_funso, making ports build as non-root will work in both ways, and could be accepted09:11
just_fun(patches could/should be accepted)09:12
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jaegerI haven't run into an issue with fakeroot in a while, it works great for the most part13:50
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jaegerjust_fun: are you using fakeroot already? It sounds like not, based on your ownership and permissions comments. You should check it out14:55
frinnsti remember syslinux had some troubles with fakeroot a few years back. but as you said jaeger, not seen any problems in a long time14:59
pedjaand upstream is likely to fix their shit if you open a bug report :)15:00
pedjalibvirt, for example.two days from me reporting an issue to patch written, tested, and merged.15:02
just_funjaeger, I was searching for a cleaner solution than fakeroot, and I think I found it (unshare --map-root-user --user).15:03
just_funThe problem I'm still having is when I'm running in a container (proot).15:04
frinnstbut that requires kernel stuff15:04
just_funI'm not sure where is the problem.15:04
just_funYes, frinnst, it needs user namespace.15:04
just_funBut, I've asked myself, do I want docker or namespaces.15:05
pedjadocker can use user namespaces :)15:05
just_funI'll check my scripts (based on proot) and see what is wrong.15:06
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just_funUnfortunately, there is root builds, faked root build, and non-root builds. The last one is impossible without post-install (to set ownership other than root) and patched pkgmk (to explicitely archive all files with uid/gid = 0). And from faked roots, "fakeroot pkgmk" is the only way to fake uid and ownership.18:11
just_funBut, is so twisted to run prt-get as root, that will downgrade to another user, and masquarade as root.18:13
jaegerI run prt-get as my own user18:59
just_funAnd with pkg,src,build dirs owned by your user?19:03
jaegerdrwxrwxr-x   2 root pkgmk  4096 Mar 11 00:12 pkg19:07
jaegerdrwxrwxr-x   2 root pkgmk  4096 Mar 11 00:12 src19:07
jaegerdrwxrwxr-x   2 root pkgmk  4096 Mar 11 00:12 work19:07
just_funAnd groups shows you are in pkgmk?19:08
jaegerindeed. Wouldn't work particularly well without :)19:20
just_funNow,that "how to build as non-root" is clear to me :), I'm guessing you install with a second call to prt-get/pkgadd as root.19:24
jaegerin prt-get.conf:19:24
jaegermakecommand      fakeroot pkgmk19:24
jaegeraddcommand       sudo pkgadd19:24
jaegerremovecommand    sudo pkgrm19:24
jaegerrunscriptcommand sudo sh19:24
just_funSo simple :)19:25
just_funACTION is searching for a rock to hide under19:26
crash_ACTION gives just_fun a rock to crawl under20:13
just_funACTION can't find crash_22:23
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