IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-03-20

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NomiusThanks Romster, let's hope the mozilla guys keep it that way...03:31
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Romsteri am doubtful Nomius07:27
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teK_@damienmiller: OpenSSH 7.5 is out: <…> Almost entirely bugfixes, including two13:36
teK_                  security fixes13:36
frinnstoi, anything fun?13:39
frinnstWe plan on retiring more legacy cryptography in future releases,13:39
frinnsthmm.. thats well and everything, but I still need shitty crypto for lots of shitty devices :(13:39
frinnstnow I have to use putty or something13:40
frinnstdoesnt look like anything serious. cygwin and old crypto cbc padding13:40
pedjasince pulseaudio-10.0 won't build w/o new dependency(speexdsp) afaict, should I attach port for it in the FS bug or?14:16
pedjashipping (minimal) asound.conf, so PA works OOTB, with PA port is not really Crux style :)14:17
pedjaspeaking of new deps, it's unclear to me if cmake-3.7.2 builds for you, frinnst , without libuv14:19
pedjamy coffee to blood ratio was pretty low when I asked you, so I didn't quite understand your reply14:20
frinnstit didnt14:37
frinnstlibpcre 8.41 should be released soon'ish. lots of buffer overflows and invalid memory stuff14:38
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