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pedjafrinnst et al., would you be opposed to adding a port to xorg repo?12:55
pedjaone shipped with qt5 is broken every other release, it is getting annoying :)12:56
frinnstis xorg really the correct repo though?14:45
frinnstlooks like a perfect candidate to contrib/opt/whatever?14:46
frinnstand that would force you to get commit acces you lazy s.o.b :D14:46
frinnstteK_: charlie noticed that a disk is dead20:32
Worksterpedja, care to explain and show details of this22:23
pedjaWorkster, give me a second22:24
pedjawith any qt5 app after I updated to 5.8.022:29
pedjausing your package, but that's not relevant, I think22:30
pedjathere are a few open bug reports at QT bugzilla22:31
frinnstI dont see it. though only use smplayer with 5.822:32
pedjaI use QT4 GUI with smplayer.I see this with Stellarium and qt5 gui for one of the v4l apps22:33
pedjawith aqemu and xca, too, just checked22:35
pedjamost distros use system libxkbcommon, not the bundled one (I've checked OpenSuse and Arch)22:36
frinnstxca ?22:43
frinnstaqemu seems to use qt4?22:44
frinnstatleast the version in the emulator repo22:44
pedjaand xca is pretty nice for managing self-issued certificates
pedjamy 'updated opt'(not a real name) repo has 24 ports.22:57
pedjathe latest ones are hunspell and friends22:59
pedjano wonder my spelling is off with such ancient dictionaries :)23:01

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