IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-03-22

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frinnstcheers Romster. was just off to bed when I read the gobject-introspection stuff07:14
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Romsterno problem frinnst looked easy enough to fix, heading to bed now13:10
frinnst2btw looks like i will be without a connection for a few days from home13:11
frinnst2isp fuckup13:12
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frinnstnope, seems like its up and running again14:54
frinnst indeed16:30
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jaegerfrinnst: not bad at all :D19:27
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teK_frinnst: ok, but it does not make sense to change it, imo22:36
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crash_nice netflix should work now on FF :)23:48
frinnstyeah I told him so23:50
frinnstwhat's the status on the new server? what can I do to help? You had plans for git and wiki, right?23:51

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