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NomiusHey guys04:39
NomiusCan we get a smaller version size for freerdp?04:40
NomiusCurrent version is 53 characters :-S04:40
frinnsttalk to alan about that06:32
frinnstthe joys of github..06:32
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frinnstbtw tek, did you transfer the cash again? Its not arrived yet10:27
frinnstdid it bounce back again?10:27
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jaegerfrinnst: do you have to license the remote KVM functionality of your microservers?21:56
frinnstmine dont come with kvm21:57
jaegerAh, ok21:57
jaegerThis one does but of course being HP it's behind some kind of licensing paywall21:57
frinnstbut I suspect you do. its hp after all21:57
jaegerNot that I need that part, just wondered21:57
frinnstusually you can use it for a few seconds or maybe a minute or two - unlicensed21:58
jaegerThis one allows use until POST is finished :P21:58
frinnstyeah sounds about right22:03
frinnstfuck hp :)22:03
pedjayou need to a licence to remote admin your own fscking server?22:08
frinnstwelcome to the wonderful world of "enterprise" hardware22:11
pedjathat's insane22:11
frinnstwant to use the battery on your raid controller? better buy a license22:11
jaegerHP and oracle in a nutshell, heh22:12
jaegerAt least with dell you just buy a different bit of hardware22:12
frinnstwant to use nfs on your $100k SAN? better buy a license22:12
frinnstyeah and with supermicro22:12
frinnstnot trying to screw you over at every corner22:12
pedjawhich part of HPE did suse buy?their open stack version?22:13
frinnstyep. after all the developers left22:13
frinnstthey probably just bought some customer accounts22:13
pedjaso a friend of mine, whose company bought HPE solution for Open Stack is basically fucked?22:14
frinnstsuse cant be worse than hp22:16
pedjabut with the developers gone, what's left?22:17
frinnsti dunno. im just repeating someone random from the internets. dont pay too much attention to what I say22:21
pedjawell, Suse does have an expertise, so I think my friend will be just fine with them providing support for OpenStack :)22:39
pedjathing I don't get is why people prefer Centos or ubuntu server to OpenSuse22:46
pedjafamiliarity, perhaps22:46
frinnstopensuse is *wierd*23:24
pedjaweird how?23:30
pedjaI've only used it on a laptop, but it worked fine.rock stable, and zypper is pretty nice23:32
pedjait just looks very well put together to me (German engineering :) )23:33
pedjanever used Debian or RedHat, so can't really compare, though23:34
jaegerWill be interesting to see if only having 2 cores on this box annoys me23:43
jaegerProbably not, since I can build packages for it elsewhere if I want to23:43

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