IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-03-25

frinnsteverything is just a little bit off, standard tools are wierd00:07
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NomiusWell, I mailed Alan... Let's wait what he says...19:56
jaegerfrinnst: booting my microserver from USB for now, I needed to order a floppy power to sata power adapter before I can add the OS SSD20:04
jaegerGoing to move my ZFS pool to it in a few minutes, though, and see how that goes20:05
jaegerwoot, zfs transplant successful21:15
jaegerThis ZFS pool has been through 3 different physical systems running opensolaris, freebsd, and linux so far21:33
jaeger4, I guess, if I count opensolaris and openindiana separately21:34
jaeger3 physical, 4 OS21:42
frinnstwhat, it comes with floppy power connectors?21:49
jaegerIt has an ODD slot at the top with a floppy power connector and a SATA data port on the board21:52
jaegerI'm going to use that slot for an SSD instead of an ODD21:52
jaegerThe rest of its sata is taken up by the 4 3.5" bays21:52
frinnstmine just came with regular molex connectors21:52
jaeger if you're bored :)21:53
frinnstthe odd slot is half-height, right?21:54
jaegerslimline or whatever it's called21:54
frinnstah right21:54
jaegeran SSD will fit fine21:54
frinnstmine are full size so i've put 5.25"->3.5" adaptors in them21:55
jaegerThe N40L if I remember correctly?21:55
jaeger <-- here's what mine looks like, minus the front cover21:56
frinnstI have one of each of the gen1 servers21:56
frinnstN54L, n40l, nl3621:56
jaeger <-- with the cover21:56
jaegerAh, nice :)21:56
frinnstsweet. lot more polished than mine21:56
jaegerweird, they even make a switch that can sit on top of it21:57
frinnstyeah that one is sexy21:57

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