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teK_frinnst: vacation this week .. hopefully I can get some stuff done wrt the server08:08
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frinnsti feel i can do a lot more, but I dont want to step on your toes so to speak08:17
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teK_we can sync and split efforts09:39
frinnsthave a look at what needs doing and assign me some tasks09:46
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jaegerI wonder if there's any need for or benefit to having an os-release file a la:
jaegerdocker looks for one, but not sure if anything else does17:47
jaegerI made one up that looks like this ( but I don't know if there's any functional benefit17:48
dlcusajaeger, that's what I've been using, but I haven't encountered any packages that would like to see it.  I had the impression such are not welcome with this distribution because of the slippery slope they establish.18:48
dlcusaThere's multiple standards.  Consider
jaegerI don't have the least bit of interest in the politics of it, honestly. Just thinking about it from a technical standpoint19:01
pedja'slippery slope'?19:22
pedjaadding os-release file is a cosmetic change, makes output of some applications a little nicer.19:27
pedjait's hardly establishing a backdoor for systemd to sneak in19:29
pedjalike it or not, with all it's faults and warts, systemd is the standard now.19:31
pedjaat some point maintaining a Linux distribution without it might become a just too much effort with the amount of man power Crux has atm19:33
pedjaand I consider it a technical rather than ideological or political question19:37
pedjais not using systemd only thing Crux has going for it compared to other distributions?Hardly.19:43
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dlcusaslippery slope in more stuff to maintain in core that the users can put together if they want it.  Support one, then...20:29
frinnstadding a os-release file to core/filesystem doesnt seem like a big deal to me if its useful22:57
rmullHow else does one check which version of crux they are running?23:06
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