IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-03-28

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rmulloh, indeed. Did not know that :D02:19
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dlcusaIs there anything better than the /etc/ports/core.rsync file's COLLECTION statement?14:24
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dlcusaI move BOOTOS=CRUX-v.r be added to /etc/rc.conf and that be exported at the conclusion of /etc/rc, since that's what prtpkg is doing already.18:04
pedjawhat's prtpkg?18:39
dlcusaThat software maintenance system I'm working on you think is a solution looking for a problem, IIRC.18:41
pedjaah, that.18:42
dlcusaIt cares about CRUX versions.18:43
dlcusaIt supports multiples on single boxen, for starters.18:43
pedjawhen the new release is out, the old one is retired after a while.18:46
pedjait might get an important security update, or something like that.18:46
dlcusaI'm not interested in defending it right now, I'd rather work on getting it ready for prime-time.18:47
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