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jaegerI'm trying to re-enable my rsync over ssh backup now that I've rebuilt my NAS box and running into a weird problem that I can't remember how to solve14:29
jaegerOn the remote server I have "jaeger ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/rsync" in sudoers and on the local system 'rsync -av -e "ssh -i <ssh key for server>" --rsync-path="sudo rsync" <blah>'14:30
jaegerThis works fine if I run it myself but when run from cron on the local system, the NOPASSWD: bit seems to be ignored and it's prompting for a password14:31
jaegerNot the usual "no tty present and no askpass" problem but somehow ignoring NOPASSWD14:31
frinnston ?15:04
jaegeryeah. I'm gonna test it on one of my local machines, too15:05
jaegerI had it working fine on the old NAS box but for some reason I didn't save that config before nuking it15:06
jaegerAnd I think teK_ still has a similar setup going for but not sure if he does it via cron on the client side15:07
frinnstfrom the client is problematic since you would need to ssh in as root15:07
jaegerno need for that15:07
frinnstI just have a oneliner in etc/cron/daily on the server15:07
jaegerThe point of the stuff I pasted above is to login as my own user and run sudo rsync15:08
frinnstah sorry15:08
jaegerAnd as mentioned, it DOES work if I run the backup script outside of cron15:08
jaegerworks great. No password needed, files come in15:08
jaegerWhen run from cron, though, it prompts for password15:08
jaegerok, it does work as expected on my test system15:46
jaegerfrom cron15:46
jaegerlocking myself out of sudo intentionally as a test (except for rsync)15:48
jaegerso I'll have to get someone to fix that later :)15:49
jaegerok, it DID work when I commented out my normal entry and left only the rsync one16:10
jaegerI have no explanation for that, anyone who knows sudo better have any idea?16:10
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frinnstteK_: fixed the signature thingy for open-isns18:14
frinnstjaeger: feel free to setup your backup for too18:16
jaegerfrinnst: would you mind uncommenting my user's line in sudoers for me?18:24
jaegeryeah. thanks :)18:31
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jaegerok, I'll add a setup for once I know what the problem is19:10
teK_k, frinnst. But I need 1 business response time next time...19:28
teK_so we duplicated our efforts19:28
teK_relaxing now.19:29
jaegerThe sudoers docs say this regarding multiple matches:19:31
jaegerWhen multiple entries match for a user, they are applied in order.  Where there are multiple19:31
jaeger       matches, the last match is used (which is not necessarily the most specific match).19:31
jaegersince my rsync line is after my ALL line, I'd expect the backup thing to work properly. Which it DOES, as long as I'm not running it via cron19:31
jaegerso weird19:31
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jaegerhrm... the current run seems to be working. I don't even know why20:25
pedjamy favorite kind of bug :)20:27
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pedjawhy is the Maintainer line in core/xorg ports ('Crux team') not in opt ports?20:50
pedjawouldn't that make maintaining them a bit easier?20:52
frinnstfor who?20:54
frinnstthat would increase my workload by a few thousand %20:54
frinnstso no :)20:54
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darfojaeger: do you have to use sudoedit to update sudoers?21:38
jaegerNever heard of sudoedit but generally "visudo" is recommended21:39
jaegerIt's not required but it does have a sanity check and will bitch if you've gotten the syntax wrong, before you lock yourself out21:40
darfoMaybe I'm mixed up. There is a sudoedit. It is supposed to prevent some obscure conditions when editing sudoers file.21:42
darfoI think I'll be using visudo in the future. It looks more robust.21:47
darfoI was taught _never_ edit the /etc/sudoers directly. Now an even safer alternative. Thanks!21:48
jaegernp :)21:56
pitillojaeger: hey, how do you run your script from cron? Can you show the syntax?23:18
pitilloand about sudoers file, are you forcing the requiretty option? (have you commented it out?)23:23
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jaegerthe crontab just calls a script. The script runs something like I pasted earlier23:26
jaegerrsync -av -e "ssh -p 2222 -i ${BACKUPKEY} -t" --rsync-path="sudo rsync" ${BACKUPUSER}@${HOST}:${TARGET} ${DEST}/23:26
jaegeryou may note the "-t" option to ssh23:26
pitilloyes, I saw the script, but not the crontab line to execute it. Btw, are you using requiretty option in sudoers file or do you have it disabled?23:28

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