IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-04-06

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juefrinnst: good, did some tests yesterday, worked fine06:58
juejust_fun: thanks for the patch :)06:58
just_funthank you to you ALL, for carring this beautiful distro08:02
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frinnstyep, seems to work fine here too09:00
frinnstcheers again09:00
frinnstbtw just_fun, i forgot to credit you in the commit message. If you want credit for future work use git-format-patch :>09:01
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just_funNo problem, frinnst. I don't care about credits. But, I might use git-format-patch, just to see how it works (the whole workflow).11:20
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frinnstyeah its pretty nice13:03
frinnstand then I dont have to write the commit message :-)13:03
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pedjateK_, git-2.12.2 is out (bugfix release, nothing special, afaict)15:53
teK_will take care tonight17:55
teK_you there?17:55
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jaegerteK_: sort of18:29
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timcowchiptek: you here?18:47
timcowchipis this a good place to ask about my contrib application?18:52
timcowchipfrinnst? jaeger?18:53
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frinnstwhat about it?20:34
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