IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-04-08

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jaegerteK_: what did you need a day or so ago?05:01
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frinnstteK_: did you change the root-pw on the new server?14:41
frinnstseems i've not actually documented my own password so no root access for me :-)14:41
just_funpkgmk doesn't "sign" pre/post-install scripts. Won't be better if it will?15:46
frinnstsince it could "rm -rf /"16:52
frinnstwell, strictly speaking its not really part of pkgutils16:54
frinnstits a prt-get thing16:54
frinnstjue, jaeger, teK_ ?16:54
frinnstRomster ?16:54
jaegerI don't have any objection to signing them... pkgutils won't use them but it won't hurt to sign16:57
just_funtaking another step: wouldn't be better if all the files from port dir will be signed? :D excepting the dot files16:59
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just_funexcepting $PKG,$SRC too (if they are in the port directory)17:00
just_funincluding the README :))17:04
pedjawhat's the point of that?17:07
pedjanobody reads them anyway17:08
just_funwill be easier to sign it than except it :)17:11
frinnstbut would probably cause more issues17:12
frinnstsince people forget to sign trivial changes all the time :)17:13
just_fungood point17:13
just_funIf I'll add post-install (and README :) to source=() it will make pkgmk sign those files ... just thinking17:52
frinnstyeah that seems like a better solution17:53
just_funbtw, with the pkgmk, I think it will be better if the md5sum is regenerated if present17:59
just_fundo you mind if I send you a patch for that?17:59
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frinnstsend away18:18
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frinnstmight not really be needed since md5sums are scheduled to be removed soon'ish20:14
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frinnstanyways, i've pushed the pkgutils updates and rolled 5.40.221:25
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