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just_funIt seems that people put their public keys in the root of the repo:
just_funShouldn't that location be checked besides /etc/ports/?06:33
just_funI think something like this will do, in pkgmk.conf:
just_funBut looks ugly to me. Maybe patching signify... :D will be better.06:35
frinnstteK_: i figured it out :-)07:05
frinnstno need, thanks though07:05
frinnstseems some gnumirrors are more equal than others. my swedish mirror lagged behind a lot for the bc update07:53
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frinnstwhat shall we do about sepens ports? I've sent lots of mails and patches but not heard anything back for atleast the last 6 months13:45
frinnstand he cant even commit right now because he doesnt have the private keys (i've asked him for his gpg key but never got a reply)13:46
frinnstwe can probably purge quite a few of his ports. but he also maintains a lot of libraries13:47
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jaegerWe should probably update the important ones ourselves, I guess13:48
frinnstmost important from opt i think13:54
frinnsti may have missed some13:55
frinnstwe could drop qt4 and just have qt513:56
frinnstI havent come across anything that doesnt run under qt5 yet13:56
frinnsthis last commit was in november13:58
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pedjadoes smplayer work with qt5?14:16
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pedjabtw, cmake doesn't need extra deps, as I thought, it's just a matter of passing correct switches to ./bootstrap.14:52
pedjamassive fail on my part, apologies14:52
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jueyes, I agree, we should update important ports15:51
juefrom sepen, will try to do some work tomorrow15:52
frinnsti'll bump a couple of ports and close some open tickets16:48
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frinnst/tmp/virtualbox-5.1.18-1-work/src/VirtualBox-5.1.18/src/VBox/VMM/VMMRC/SELMRC.cpp:588:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault17:20
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frinnsthm. some random ryzen oddness it seems17:27
pedjaI can prepare a cmake patch, if you are interested.17:30
pedjaI'll ping you when I open the bug17:30
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pedjafrinnst, FS#139918:37
pedja(sorry for the delay, it's my birthday, and chocolate cake waits for no one :) )18:38
crash_pedja: happy birthday :)18:41
pedjathanks :)18:41
jaegerhappy birthday :)19:17
pedjathanks, jaeger :)19:19
pedjathe only thing I have in common with Clarkson ;)19:20
just_funI hope you get a Ryzen for your birthday and a lot of lifetime to enjoy it! Happy birthday, pedja!19:21
pedjaRyzen? maybe next year, it would be nice to upgrade after a decade :)19:26
jaegerteK_: I'm still seeing gnu-efi fail sometimes, it broke the weekly ISO build again19:28
jaeger <-- here's the end of the build... not very useful info19:29
just_funmemory,disk,ccache problems?19:31
jaegerThe gnu-efi thing? It succeeds probably 9/10 times, just fails rarely19:41
jaegerThat just happens to be the weekly ISO build sometimes :P19:42
jaegerFor now I've locally added -j1 to see if it's a parallelism issue but haven't spent much time testing it19:42
pedjathose kind of bugs are fun to track down19:43
just_funThe -j stuff, enabled by default for all the packages, is a source of ... fun :))19:43
pedjamy favorite ones when application segfaults on its own, but works fine if ran from gdb or strace :)19:44
jaegerright now I'm building it 100 times and echoing the exit code to a log file19:45
jaegerso far about 25 0s and 1 119:45
just_funyou should run it under gdb :)19:45
pedjain the container, or?19:45
just_funit might work 100%19:45
jaegerright now just on the host. haven't tried in containers yet19:46
pedjaI had a weird issue with libcap-ng, iirc.'make check' works on host, fails miserably in a VM :)19:49
jaegerso it ended up with 97 successes and 3 failures19:49
jaegerwill try again with -j119:50
pedjaany regularity (fail after n successes), or seemingly random?19:51
jaegerdoesn't seem to be a pattern19:52
pedjaor it fails when you pay attention, works fine when you are not :)19:52
pedjaheisenbug, probably19:54
pedjajaeger, 107 runs in a container, 0 failures.20:12
jaeger100 success, 0 failure when run with -j120:18
just_funThis is why I don't use -j in pkgmk.conf.20:19
just_fun\o/ I have FS#1400, which is 2 times 700, 2x7x100. Whatever I get for this :D ... I make it a gift for pedja, for his birthday!20:23
pedjacongrats, you get a cookie :)20:26
pedjaI did consider opening another bug to get to that number (OCD can be a bitch sometimes)20:29
pedjanice milestone for Crux20:30
just_funI wasn't aware, until I've seen it. It must be the telepathy thing. The cookie is yours :D20:31
just_funCouldn't help it and I've voted the issue :))20:31
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jaegerin a container, 99 success and 1 failure20:50
jaegerwith -j1 in the container, 100 success, 0 failure20:58
jaegerso it's a rare problem, but it's a problem20:58
jaegerI've mentioned it to tek in the past but I don't think he was able to duplicate it21:01
jaegerso as above, I just added -j1 to it in the CI build for now21:01
frinnstooh, happy bday!21:29
frinnstand im sorry you share it with clarkson :>21:29
pedjaheh.his co-hosts tried to trend #SodOffClarkson on Twitter today.21:44
pedjabtw, new Top Gear, without that redheaded wanker, is pretty good21:46
frinnstI helped with that :>21:47
pedjame too :)21:47
frinnstmay is brilliant on twitter21:49
pedjahe is brilliant, period. I love his side projects.21:57
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