IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-04-12

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frinnst <- who wants that bug?14:02
frinnstFS#909 - dbus-32 depends on xorg-libx11-3214:02
frinnstgave it to you romster :-)14:06
Romsterthere is no easy fix unless xorg-libx11 also depends on dbus14:10
Romsterand i am sure most would be against that.14:10
frinnstfeel free to close it i think14:11
Romsterall i can do is add a README regarding it and add a warning like i did to python-pip14:11
Romsteri'll do that and then close the bug report.14:12
frinnst <- want that one too14:12
frinnstopt/gnutls uses -rf14:13
Romsterusr/ports/_work/pkg really maybe that's with fakeroot14:13
Romsteri really despise using force14:14
Romsterbut in this case...14:14
frinnstyeah it's ugly14:14
Romsterput it to me i'll investigate14:14
Romsterstrange i never hit that.14:14
frinnstall i can say to that is: "yep, that works as expected"14:15
Romsteryeah that is to be expected.14:18
Romsterit's not a upgrade it's a removal14:18
Romsterso pkgadd.conf has no impact on that.14:18
Romsteris it fair to say sepen has pulled out of crux frinnst ?14:21
Romsteror at least taking a extended vacation14:21
frinnstdunno. he doesnt respond to email anymore - not mine atleast14:28
frinnstand he doesnt have the private keys for opt and contrib so he really cant commit anything either14:28
frinnstsince he's failed to give me his gpg keys14:28
Romsteryeah i read that.14:30
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jue.oO sepen has many ports ;)15:02
frinnstyes :/15:29
frinnstbtw getting a build failure for the fontconfig update15:29
frinnstactually the old version fails to build too. my toolchain i guess15:30
frinnstglibc thingy15:31
frinnstworks for me (tm)15:34
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juehmm, you are running a different glibc?15:54
jueguess, as always, the newest ;)15:56
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Romsterwould have a fit if i decided to disappear but i don't plan on doing that, though my frequency of updates has dropped.23:56

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