IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-04-14

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just_funThe mirror list is not updated:
just_funGreece (down), Italy (3.2) and US (not found)11:08
just_funGreece is OK, just slow11:08
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frinnstus works for me (its jaegers site)13:59
jaegerI just fixed the apache config, US is working again for HTTP at least13:59
jaegerStill need to figure out what's up with the FTP side13:59
jaegerOther admin did a full system upgrade on recently and some things are broken/changed14:00
frinnstgreece is quick for me, ~2MB/s14:00
frinnstFile:crux3.2.qcow2-fresh.gzip - odd14:00
frinnsti think thats one of my images14:00
just_funprobably because of TOR or hdd spin-up :D14:01
just_funfirst connect took ~60 secs14:01
just_funStill, Italy is behind ... with 3.2 the latest14:01
frinnsthmm, no not one of mine. 1.7GB14:02
jaegerok, FTP access is fixed as well14:15
jaegerjust_fun: thanks for pointing them out14:15
just_funmy pleasure, as always, pointing to broken stuff (which are not mine) :)14:16
just_funI now, I should change my attitude :) and point to working stuff14:17
frinnstheh, it IS my image14:21
frinnstwonder where it was found14:21
frinnstfredrik@zoidberg:~/guru$ ls14:23
frinnstcrux3.2.qcow2-fresh.gzip  glibc-32.log  index.html  lxdm-0.5.3.tar.xz  suck-it-tilman.jpg14:23
frinnstfrom there i guess14:23
jaegerheh, nice14:32
frinnstjust_fun: wow you are a patch-machine!16:57
just_funon full moon I'm known as patch-erine or patch-minator17:00

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