IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-04-15

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jaegerfrinnst: just installed the iLO advanced key for my microserver, works great :) It's a small thing but I like having the remote KVM since it's headless18:19
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frinnstyeah I have a monitor for my microservers and then a kvm switch19:51
frinnsti'd prefer a ilo setup :)19:51
frinnstbtw what ilo version is it? requires java, right?19:52
jaegerit's version 419:53
jaegerI used the java webstart version, though it seems to have a .net one as well19:53
jaegerwhen I clicked the .net link nothing happened so not sure there19:53
jaegerjava webstart is what I'm used to from supermicro, dell, and oracle servers, though19:54
pedjado you have to use specific Java version, or will any do?19:55
jaegernot sure, only tried whatever's current. It worked fine19:55
pedjaa friend of mine rants sometimes about IBM(?) servers he sometimes has to administer, that *require* some ancient version19:56
pedjausually after a couple of beers19:56
frinnstwe still have some old ilo2 servers that we use internally. usually very tricky to get working20:01
frinnstand the new crux server requires java6 iirc :)20:01
frinnst2006 tech ftw20:05
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