IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-04-18

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frinnstjust_fun: everyone has the key currently09:51
just_funAre there any plans to use "personal" keys?09:52
frinnstthis was a stop-gap thingy09:55
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just_funfrinnst, do you remember where was the problem? I guess the pubkeys will go to 'ports' packages (to arrive in /etc/ports/), pkgadd.conf has to be changed. Anything else?11:18
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frinnstnot sure I follow. nothing really needs to change in pkgadd.conf16:08
frinnstor am i missunderstanding you?16:08
just_funLooking at pkgadd.conf I'm understand that replacing a file (like: /etc/ports/ needs manual intervention (rejmerge).16:34
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jaegerlooks like the hosting DC is having some trouble21:27
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jaegerguess it was very temporary21:40
jaegerno complaints here21:40
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frinnstfor i noticed some timeouts yesterday21:53
jaegeryeah. was completely unreachable for me just then, but only for a few minutes21:54
frinnstsdd was the disk that went bad, right?21:56
jaegerI believe so, yes21:56
frinnstACTION pokes teK_21:58
frinnstwhat can i/We do to get the new server up and running more quickly?21:58
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