IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-04-20

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pedjaI have an updated hunspell and hunspell-en ports. Interested?17:34
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jaegerjpb3 is a bot I'm playing with, should be fairly unobtrusive21:43
frinnstanything fun?21:43
jaegerThe main thing I use it for is some URL probing so when someone links a random thing you have an idea without digging21:47
jpb3CRUX port browser linked by jaeger21:48
jaegerIf the url is long, it'll provide a tinyurl version, too21:49
jpb3Gallery - Naclbox linked by pedja21:49
pedjacool :)21:49
jaegerIf you guys hate it or think it's too spammy I'll remove it :)21:49
pedjaI like it21:50
pedjahow it handles abuse? (not that I plan to test)21:51
jaegerIt doesn't really, at the moment21:51
pedjawell, #crux is generally well behaved :)21:52
jaegerIt has some very basic checks like "is this text/html or similar?" - if not, like if you told it to download an ISO that's a few GB, it just does a head request to see what's there21:53
jaegerfor example,
jpb3application/octet-stream, 3 GiB ( linked by jaeger21:54
pedjaI have something similar for shortened links in FF21:54
jaegerI've been thinking about making it keep a database of links so you can search for things later but nothing implemented yet21:55
pedjathis will make rickrolling a lot more challenging :)21:55
jaegerindeed, heh21:55
jpb3Yahoo! JAPAN linked by jaeger21:56
pedjaMozilla rickrolled a lot of people with FF-53 release notes21:57
jaegerbah, no unicode in their title, heh21:57
jpb3РНИДС linked by pedja21:59
pedjathat's half latin, half serbian cyrilic22:00
jaegerIt's definitely not perfect or all-inclusive, but it's better than the older python 2 version22:01
jaegerunicode handling in python 2 is nightmarish22:02
just_funjpb3, eat this:
jpb3GitHub - therealfun/crux-ports: CRUX ports linked by just_fun22:42
jpb3no title linked by just_fun22:43
pedjasmart bot22:45
jpb3CRUX port browser linked by just_fun22:45
pedjajust_fun, don't abuse the bot :)22:46
jpb3Penis Extender for Penis Enlargement - Quick Extender Pro linked by just_fun22:48
pedjayou have that bookmarked?22:51
just_fun;a=commit;h=38f050c10c4df2c7c9f305d342259ede75dc7d0222:51 Git - ports/core.git/summary linked by just_fun22:51
just_fun:) so much fun in the bot world22:52
just_funDouble link: and
jpb3CRUX | Main / HomePage linked by just_fun23:01
jpb3CRUX-ARM | Main / HomePage linked by just_fun23:01
just_funNow, if I could find a link, that makes jpb3 print another link.23:01
jpb3GitHub - therealfun/crux-ports: CRUX ports linked by just_fun23:06
just_funDas bot ist schlauer als ich.23:08
jpb3I just want to wash my motorcycle! linked by frinnst23:32

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