IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-05-08

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just_fungst-libav, md5sum mismatch: Romster or someone with contrib access05:34
just_funpygobject-gtk is picking python3 instead of python (regarding footprint)05:42
frinnstmaybe we should kill off md5sums in the signed repos finally? jue, jaeger, teK__, romster ?10:32
Romsteri was about to get to that...10:33
Romsterit's a pain running us and um10:34
Romsterand omg all the commits.10:34
Romsterjust_fun, thank you for the report10:48
Romsterthank you frinnst for fixing that .md5sum10:55
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frinnstjust_funs fix for it is in our git repo, we just need to roll a new release and maybe wait a week or so before purging all md5sums11:10
Romsterjust_fun, i fixed opt/pygobject-gtk311:11
Romsteri would make it a month to be sure everyone has ample time to update there systems11:12
Romsterwhat is the status on sepen? taking leave or will do a bit here and there on his ports? or is sepen retireing?11:13
Romsterpitillo, could you poke sepen on what his intentions are please.11:14
Romsterglad you are feeling better teK__11:14
Romsterand that pedja has a xfce fork, perhaps sepen would be happy if pedja joined the xfce team? and gets commit access to xfce.git ?11:16
juefrinnst: yeah, let's do it fianlly11:46
pedjaso, .signature only?11:55
pedjaI'll have to alias 'pkgmk -um' to 'pkgmk -us', muscle memory and all that11:56
jueyes, at least for the official repos11:56
pedjamd5 is broken, anyway :)11:58
pedjasha256 in the .signature is much cooler11:59
juefor our use case md5 is not broken ;)12:08
juebut indeed, the whole signature stuff is nice12:09
pedjawould you be interested in a patch for libwnck/libwnck-gtk3 that persuades them to play nice together?12:13
pedjasome parts of xfce need one, and some the other, so I had to be creative :)12:14
pedjagranted, xfce parts that need libwnck-gtk3 are 2.14-to-be, but still12:15
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frinnsttarball uploaded16:49
frinnstnew tag pushed16:49
frinnstthe tags got a bit fucked up so the git history is a bit confusing16:49
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pedjadoes libepoxy-1.4.2 break anything so xorg/libepoxy is still at 1.3.1?17:16
frinnstnot that I know of, have you tried it?18:28
pedjanot yet, I stumbled on it when I was looking for something else18:38
pedjaof all the things that depend on it, qt5 is the most risky :)18:41
pedjaI am really not in a mood for rebuilding *that*18:42
pedjathe only new thing in the .footprint is common.h, so, in theory, upgrade should be smooth18:47
pedjarevdep is silent, so I guess all is good18:50
pedjathe nice thing is that there is finally a proper named tarball on GH for it :)18:50
pitilloRomster: sepen seems to be really busy. I have no contact with him for more than a month. Last time we talked I've suggested him to came here and explain his situation... but seems he wasn't able18:51
jaegerI think we can consider him retired at this point19:07
jaegerIt's been a long time now since he was active19:07
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pitillojaeger: seems reasonable if you tried to contact him and there we no answer (I can't help so much, you know I'm on the way with CRUX-ARM without him currently)22:11
rmullteK__: I have some missing entries in the footprint for opt/wireshark22:19
rmull(seen here: ignore the lua stuff)22:20
jpb3text/plain; charset=UTF-8, 305 bytes linked by rmull22:20
chinarulezzzteK__: strace source url need to be changed22:37
jaegerpitillo: yeah. I have nothing against him at all, he's just clearly too busy or preoccupied22:40

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