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just_funpygobject-gtk3 worked. Thanks, Romster00:59
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Workstercool just_fun the down side of testing in a clean container. doesn't see anything but what's on depends on line03:53
Worksterjue, jaeger frinnst teK__ i just noticed glib /usr/bin/gresource will link with from opt/elfutils do we want that to happen? should elfutils be a dependency of glib or should that /feature/ of glib be disabled? or just left as a optional extra if elfutils is installed? considering prt-utils and most importantly mesa3d uses elfutils so those with Xorg will have this hidden optional dependency.03:56
Workstergresource offers a simple commandline interface to GResource. It lets03:56
Workster       you list and extract resources that have been compiled into a resource03:56
Workster       file or included in an elf file (a binary or a shared library).03:56
jaegeriproute2 also links against elfutils, noticed that testing an ISO recently. ip didn't work03:56
Worksterthat would mean elfutils needs to be in core?03:57
jaegerpossibly, or disabled03:57
Worksternot sure why ip would need that, i can understand a resoruce tool in glib using it if it's found, but ip?03:58
jaegerDon't know, I haven't tried to dig into it yet03:58
Worksterfair enough i'm just reporting what i found before i forget the details, building texllive to confirm if it has footprint issues04:00
jaeger$ ldd $(which ip) | grep elf04:02
jaeger => /usr/lib/ (0x00007f7e8a308000)04:02
jaegerdoes seem a bit odd but I imagine there's some reason04:02
Worksterdunno why.04:42
WorksterBPF classifier and actions in tc(8)  Linux BPF classifier and actions in tc(8)07:05
Worksteruses readelf if it's there.07:05
WorksterCurrently, x86_64, ARM64 and07:08
Workster       s390 architectures have eBPF JIT support, whereas PPC, SPARC,  ARM  and07:08
Workster       MIPS have cBPF, but did not (yet) switch to eBPF JIT support.07:08
Worksternow it makes sense jaeger it's a supporting library for different architectures07:08
Workstermost likely it can be disabled in iproute2, also iproute2 still uses a shell script for configure, why not autotools, there is --option to is able but it can be seded out of Config after ./configure before make07:10
juejaeger: thanks for the report, will disable it in iproute210:22
juewhat to do with glib, I tend to say it's best to add elfutils to the deps10:24
jueRomster: thanks for the report too :)10:25
jueRomster: btw, think that '' would be better for the URL: header10:26
jpb3The elfutils project linked by jue10:27
jaegerworks for me12:35
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Romsterfixed the url13:30
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pedjateK__, spice-protocol has pyparsing as a dependency, and that one is python-parsing now :)22:00
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