IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-05-14

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just_funI was thinking that pre-install runs just before pkgadd, but not (even in onodera's prt). Is there a reason why is better to run pre-install before build()? Because build can take a lot of time ...10:05
just_funThere are 119 pre-install and 454 post-install scripts (in all repos), but only one post-remove10:09
just_funWhich, strangely, doesn't remove a user/group, just reload the rules of udev (joe9/pk2cmd-plus)10:10
just_funNow, that I've think a little, it is simpler to let the user/groups in place when you remove the package.10:12
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juepost-install is a bit missleading, should be better named post-build12:54
jueone important point of post-install is to add users/groups which has to be in place before configure time12:55
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just_funOK, jue. I got it! pre/post-install are used for build-specific commands too.15:16
just_funMy "revolutionary" prt-get will have support for pre/post-build/install scripts :)15:17
jaegerusually users and groups need to be in pre-install because they need to be created before the package is built or run15:25
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just_funSo, pre-install is currently used (mostly) for pre-build operations.15:32
jaegerFor what else would it be used?15:40
juesorry, just saw that I wrote post-install but obviously meant pre-install :)15:41
just_funprt-get has a deprecated design, before machine learning era. My revolutionary port utilities will not let "the cloud" unused.15:51
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