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just_funOn what criteria is a port added to contrib? What puzzels me is that most of the maintainers (core, opt, contrib) have a personal repo. Why do they not maintain the ports it in contrib repo?09:47
frinnstwell the most obvious criteria imho is that a port ought to be useful for more than 2-3 people.10:18
frinnstmy reasons for "maintaining" stuff in my personal repo is: 1. quick and dirty port that I might want to use on more than one computer - but not polished enough for distribution10:19
frinnst2. local changes / other version than what's already in one of the other repos10:20
frinnstmy pidgin port for example; stripped down functionality and minimal deps10:23
frinnstmy smplayer: hate the new version10:23
frinnstbind: other branch than the contrib port10:24
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just_funThanks, frinnst. It confused me that when no one wanted to maintain a port it was dropped, and I didn't see the symmetry when adding ports. So, it is basically, while (willingness and worthiness and usefulness) stay-in-contrib.10:46
frinnstyeah its not easy to maintain something that you don't use every day10:52
frinnst 11:03
frinnst 11:03
frinnst 11:03
frinnst 11:03
frinnst  11:03
frinnst 11:03
frinnst 11:03
frinnst ~.11:03
frinnstoh i was still connected, cool11:04
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pedjajue, signature fail for sqlite3 .footprint16:44
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juepedja: thanks17:59
pedjaopt/samba is EOL'd, 4.4 will be in a couple of months. will someone poke alan to update his port?20:38
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frinnstwe have22:45
frinnstI have atleast22:45
frinnstopen a bug?22:45
frinnstI use jue's port at work22:46
pedjame too :)22:51
pedjaI opened a bug for hunspell update a while back, also his port.nothing so far22:52
pedjamaybe someone with actual clout should nudge him :)22:53
pedjafrinnst, you have a Logitech mouse with that dongle thingie, right? how do you update the fw? on a spare Win machine?22:54
pedjafwupd is an interesting project. way too many dependencies, though22:57
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frinnststupid name, stupid amount of deps23:44
frinnstI have a windows disk in my box for games, i'll use that if I can be bothered23:45
jaegerwindows can also be installed as a temporary trial in a pinch23:48
frinnstbtw that vuln is over a year old23:55
frinnstOriginal Release date: 24 Feb 2016 | Last revised: 01 Mar 201623:56

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