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jaegerfrinnst: which kernel was required for decent ryzen support? 4.10? 4.11?18:58
jaegerI've got all the parts for my ryzen build ordered except the MB which went out of stock again right before I ordered :P18:59
frinnstyeah ive only ever used 4.1119:01
frinnstnot sure how well 4.10 supports it19:01
frinnst4.11 (and 4.12-rc) lacks support for all hardware sensors on my motherboard and cpu19:02
frinnstthere is out of tree drivers for the motherboard. other than that, everything works19:02
jaegerok, cool. Sounds like a good start19:02
jaegerwhich chipset did you use? B350?19:03
frinnststill get random segfaults during some builds though. waiting for amd to release new bios updates19:03
jaegerAh, cool19:03
jaegerI'll be using the biostar x370gtn MB, it's still the only choice, hehe19:03
jaegeronce it comes back into stock19:03
frinnstbtw, i still havent found a solution to my uefi issue with the grub menu screen covered with ???19:04
jaegerThat sounds like a font issue19:05
frinnstif I remove "insmod efi_gop" the menu looks okay but i get no early kernel boot output19:05
jaegerdoes the 'loadfont unifont' bit not work?19:06
jaegerYeah, you NEED efi_gop to get EFIFB19:06
jaegerAnd you NEED a proper font for gfxterm to work :)19:06
jaegerThat grub.cfg example I put on sprunge does both19:06
jaegerIf you try to load the font manually from a command line in the grub menu shell, does it work?19:06
jaegeryou can do it before switching to the gfxterm19:07
frinnsthm, dont have that in my current config, not sure if i tested it earlier. let me try - was gonna reboot to wintendo and play some titanfall2 anyways :>19:07
jaegerfrinnst: we may have a new grub2 port soon anyway, I just need to test the microcode stuff19:09
jaegerpedja: which/whose iucode tool port are you using?19:27
pedjaI can paste is somewhere, if you're interested19:29
jaegersure. I don't have one prepared already19:30
pedjagive me a second19:30
pedjanp :)19:36
jaegerIs there a separate download for the microcode itself or does it come in linux-firmware now?19:37
jaegernice, thanks for that as well19:38
pedjayup as in 'it's a separate d/l' :)19:38
pedjathat's an interesting point. AMD's microcode is part of the linux-firmware apparently19:44
jaegeryeah, that's why I wondered19:44
pedjajust Intel being Intel, I guess19:48
jaegerhrmm... I'm going to make the patch a little more robust/generic, I think20:25
jaegerAnd what I mean by that is just adding a few more names :) early-ucode.cpio{,.gz} intel-ucode.img{,.gz}20:32
jaegerpedja: you should consider putting those two ports into contrib :)20:43
pedjaI'll apply for it, once I clean up my ports a bit more :)20:44
frinnstjaeger: yeah that did the trick20:46
frinnstbtw is drivemap unsupported with uefi? i dont have drivemap.mod in x86_64-efi, only in i386-bios20:48
pedjajaeger, I see that Arch has a really roundabout way of packaging the microcode. why are they just not using the tool that is actually written for that purpose is beyond me :)20:49
jaegerfrinnst: no idea on drivemap... if you find out I missed something in the port let me know20:51
jaegerpedja: who knows, heh20:51
pedjafile name is arbitrary, afaik, so making grub a bit more robust is a good idea :)20:52
jaegerThat's what my new version creates20:52
jaeger <-- there's the whole config file, do you see any problems with the entries it generated?20:54
jaegeroops, I see a problem20:54
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jaegerIt made duplicate entries for the one that has both ucode and initramfs20:54
jaegerGetting close, though20:54
pedjawhy is it listing early-ucode.cpio more than once?20:56
jaegerbecause I made a logic error20:56
jaegerwhich I'm fixing now20:56
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pedjaah. I make those all the time20:56
jaegerwell, if we're talking about the same thing20:56
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jaegerpart of it is that I have several kernels installed20:57
jaegerbut the 4.9.29 entry that has two "initrd" lines is a logic mistake20:57
pedjaI do too, but grub-mkconfig lists early-ucode.cpio only once. no regular initrd, tho20:58
jaegerwell, it should create an initrd early-ucode.cpio line for every kernel entry20:58
jaegerIt should NOT have created the double initrd lines for my 4.9.29 entry20:58
jaeger4.9.29 is the only kernel for which I've created an initramfs20:59
jaeger <-- ok, how does this one look?21:02
pedjalooks OK21:03
jaeger <-- here's the patch21:03
pedjaI like that different message for microcode+initrd vs just the microcode. nice touch21:05
jaegerIt's a little more noisy but I like it for completion's sake21:06
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pedjaonly people with slow computers (e.g me) will see it, anyway :)21:08
pedjaI never asked. how long does it take from power on to login prompt/DM with a SSD?21:09
jaegerDepends entirely on the motherboard, heh. My computers take longer to post than the rest of the boot, usually21:09
pedjahow much RAM are we talking about in those computers? 32+ Gb?21:12
jaegerIf you think the patch looks good I'll add it to the new grub 2.02 port21:13
jaegerWell, it's already added locally, I mean I'll push the update :D21:14
pedjaI don't see any issues with it. Push away!21:15
jaegercool. Thanks for the help/input21:15
pedjayou are doing grub-efi, too? frinnst is getting anxious :)21:16
jaegerdidn't need much work there, just a new version21:16
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frinnsthm, is it even possible to boot a bios/mbr disk from uefi?22:50
jaegerI don't think it is but I've never tried, so not 100% sure22:51
frinnststuff like ntldr and drivemap doesnt seem to exist for grub2-efi22:52
frinnstno big deal, i'll just boot the disk from the bios whenever i want to play something mind numbing22:52
jaegeryou could possibly also convert your windows install to uefi22:53
jaegerI did that on my x220 years ago, though I don't remember the details22:53
frinnstyeah this install originates from 2009 with windows 7 on my core2quad22:53
frinnstnot sure it deserves the work quite frankly :)22:54
jaegerapparently there's even an official tool to do it now22:54
frinnstholy shit that guy talks22:55
jaegeryeah, kinda weird22:55
jaegerfrinnst: you might be able to boot BIOS windows from UEFI rEFInd23:50
frinnstcheers. but i think i'll just use the firmware bootmenu.23:54
jaegeryour choice, I was just curious so poked around a bit23:55
frinnsthaving windows in my grub menu felt dirty enough23:59

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