IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-05-26

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darfoconfigure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-3.0 >= 2.90) were not met:No package 'gtk+-3.0' found04:53
darfolibnotify is missing a dependency gtk304:54
frinnstconfirmed. wonder when that changed..09:43
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frinnstdarfo: fixed, cheers10:48
juegtk3 is only needed to build the tests, adding --disable-tests is enough11:00
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juefrinnst: do you mind fixing that?11:12
frinnstah, sure11:16
juethanks, have you tried mesa 17.1.1 already?11:18
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darfofrinst: thanks12:18
frinnst2wtf, rebooting my server and im greeted by a black screen that immediately reboots instead of a grub menu12:20
frinnst2i also had to run fsck on my boot drive12:21
frinnst2its too fucking hot for this crap now12:22
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frinnstjue, some of the options are deprecated in mesa3d: --with-egl-platforms is now --with-platforms, --enable-gallium-llvm is now --enable-llvm14:41
frinnstbut there are no deprecation warnigs in configure?14:41
frinnsti'll push my changes before we forget about the changes :)14:43
frinnstah, you had changed those. my diff suggested otherwise14:44
pedjalibglvnd is still not on by the default for mesa, I see14:59
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frinnstlibglvnd ?16:55
pedjano more gl-select library :)17:06
pedjaFedora has some interesting patches for xorg-server (hybrid graphics etc), but I don't have the hw to test them17:21
pedjamost of them are to be upstreamed at some point, iirc17:22
pedjaglvnd worked fine, last time I checked, with nvidia binary driver. mesa, otoh, is a big unknown17:25
pedjawhen asked when should distros start to package and ship libglvnd, Nvidia developer said 'when mesa starts enabling it by default'17:34
pedjabut I am curious, and it's easy to revert, so why not now?17:42
jaegerjue_: samba 4.5.10 or 4.6.4 are available to combat CVE-2017-749417:54
jaegerI sent Alan an email too17:55
jaegerfrinnst: do you have an RX*80 GPU? I can't remember18:25
frinnstrx470 i think22:24

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