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WorksterI asked alan ages ago if I can take it over, but I never pursued doing so yet jaeger.00:04
jaegerperhaps he changed his mind over time00:04
Worksteralso i am not sure how hard frinnst tried to make rust and cargo for firefox but i've done that, but the cargo port is a little bit messy by messy using git to get the source files. but i've done it in a way it'll bootstrap itself.00:06
WorksterOn another note I've been going though all the packages building them and have some build failures to fix. Someone has to check the quality00:10
frinnstyeah im running rust builds too00:47
frinnstbut its soooooo ugly - i refuse to put that crap in opt00:47
frinnstit needs to be able to bootstrap itself ffs00:47
frinnstbut i guess that will never happen. same with go, right?00:48
Worksterwell i got rust thgat bootstraps itself and i've made cargo Pkgfile so it bootstraps off itself or the system if it's already installed.01:00
Worksterbut yes it still looks to ugly01:00
frinnstreally? how? unless you mean downloading precompiled binaries and then using those01:02
frinnstand cargo tarballs are github-generated broken ones01:03
Worksteri haven't uploaded my stuff to my repo yet01:43
Worksterthat's cargo ^01:43
Worksterand rust
Worksterand i just noticed an error in that rust Pkgfile but one that wont affect the current build01:45
Workstercargo and rust are still ugly they download a ton of crap to compile, i would prefer to have the stuff in the Pkgfile01:47
Worksternote i did that in the space of a few hours and rebuilt it a few times, so might of missed some things01:53
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frinnst mine is somewhat simpler13:53
frinnstand i stoles pedjas pkgfile for cargo:
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juejaeger: well, my port is a minimalistic one, with only a few deps, exactly what I like/need17:40
juejaeger: if that's ok for us, I can put it back into opt17:40
jaegerI can't speak for everyone but it's fine for me personally17:41
jaegermaybe romster has other needs for it17:42
jueIIRC, frinnst and pedja are using my port already17:43
jaegerI've used it as well17:44
jueok :)17:44
pedjano disrespect to alan, but his samba port is just too complex for my taste/needs17:50
juehe tried to use none of the bundled libraries and enables most/all of the available features17:55
pedjaperhaps that's the way he uses it, and I respect that17:56
jueyeah, but as I said already, I like the minimalistic way, that's the reason for my personal port17:57
pedjabut, realistically, how many people use samba as a AD on Crux?17:58
jaegerI've been meaning to try to at some point but it's been extremely low priority17:58
jaegerAnd that setup would use PAM as well, so it'd be a few custom ports17:58
jaegerglobally I'd be fine with a minimal version17:58
jaegereither way, should ask Alan if he definitely wants to surrender it or not17:58
jaegerHe may not want to if the minimal version doesn't meet his needs17:59
pedjaI adore Crux, but I'd rather use something like openSUSE Leap for AD :)17:59
juejaeger: sounds like a plan, let's wait for his answer ;)18:00
jaegerIf I were serious about it I'd probably use freeipa on fedora or rhel or something18:00
jaegerHave you contacted him or should I?18:00
jueplease do18:00
jaegerI haven't followedup about it, all this was just commenting in response to a couple of port update requests I sent him recently18:00
jaegerok, will do18:00
jaegeremail sent, you're CCed18:11
pedjateK_, when you get around to it, would you please update libgcrypt and gnupg?18:25
juejaeger: thanks19:05
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just_funDoes it worth having samba and samba-all, as with qemu?22:43
just_funThinking about cargo, go and any other port having to download a "binary" in order to build the port, wouldn't be better to split them to prg-uptream-bin and prg (with depends on prg-upstream-bin), or to have prg-bin as a "binary" port (like libreoffice) + prg (as it is now).22:56
frinnstwell that would leave the upstream binaries on the installed system. so what would be the point in having user-built binaries?23:38
frinnstand it would double the maintainer effort23:38
just_funTrue, about upstream binaries on the installed systems.23:43
just_funBut, you, as a user, between downloading binary go1.4 to build go-latest and downloading binary go-latest, what would you choose?23:44
frinnstid rather kill myself :>23:44
frinnstseriously, if something depended on a mess like that I would opt-out of using the go program23:45
frinnstbut im quite picky about stuff like that on my own system23:45
frinnstI do use the go port at work23:45

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