IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-06-15

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pedjaI know that pulseaudio isn't a popular subject, but if it is in opt, shouldn't pulseaudio-32 be in compat-32, too?11:40
frinnstdoes anything need to link against it?12:25
frinnstjue: have you experienced any problems with the latest dovecot version?12:52
pedjaI don't know, I am just curious :)13:35
pedjadon't use any of the compat-32 myself13:36
pedjabut the post on the ML mentioned that Steam requires it, as a run-time dep, I guess13:37
pedjashould I even bother to open FS issue on PA update? and attach a patch?13:40
pedjait's basically updated jaeger's PA port13:43
Romsteri'm using steam without pulse and it's been fine for me.13:43
pedja'pulseuadio steam problems' has a *lot* of google hits, I see :)13:44
pedjapersonally, I haven't had any issues with PA, in a few month's I've been using it, but YMMV13:47
juefrinnst: no, works fine for me13:49
pedjamaybe it doesn't like btrfs?13:50
pedjaACTION hides13:51
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jueFYI, did some modifications to my samba port, most noticable it depends on tevent now and I removed the pidl stuff13:57
juetevent needs a forced install to overwrite the files of the old samba package14:00
jueplease report problems, thanks for your attention :)14:01
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frinnstpedja: heh, it runs on xfs actually!15:13
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jaegerteK_: ok for me to update libseccomp's signature if you're busy?23:37

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